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Henley Army Cadets

Henley Army Cadets

HENLEY army cadet Jasmine Barrow put her first aid skills into action when she witnessesd a road accident. She was travelling with her mother when the car in front overturned.

Jasmine, 14, called 999 and liaised with the emergency services while reassuring the people in the car.

She was awarded a national praiseworthy first aid certificate.

Jasmine has been a cadet for only a year and had only completed her youth St John Ambulance first aid course five weeks before having to put what she had learned to use.

She was presented with the certificate by Major Thrussell, her company’s commanding officer.

The citation reads: “Cadet Jasmine Barrow and her mother were travelling in a car through Sindlesham when the car in front crashed and flipped over. Cadet Barrow immediately announced to her mother that she was a first aider and needed to help. She called 999 while walking rapidly to the overturned car.

“Cadet Barrow assessed the danger, such as the risk of fire. Luckily, the people in the car had survived and had no obvious injury. Cadet Barrow reassured them while liaising with the emergency services.”

Jasmine said: “I was very surprised to be recognised for my actions. I just wanted to help the people in the car the best I could.”

Maj Thrussell said: “This award is very rare and it’s an honour to be able to present it. I’d like to congratulate Cadet Barrow — she is an example to all.”

Mel Haynes

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