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'Lyrical' approach is praised by Hawking

'Lyrical' approach is praised by Hawking

A PAINTER whose work was recently praised by Stephen Hawking is visiting the Lemongrove Gallery in Henley next week.

Simon Kenny is a multi-award-winning artist who is celebrated nationally and internationally for his vibrant, expressive paintings.

Characterised as a “radical impressionist” in recent press coverage, he has attracted significant attention for his growing collection of colour burst paintings, which some regard as having a “cosmological” quality.

After viewing a collection of Simon’s work, Professor Hawking, the wheelchair-bound theoretical physicist best known as the author of A Brief History of Time, said: “They look like everything about space I cannot explain.”

For others, Simon’s style is best described as “lyrical abstraction”.

Born in Dublin in 1976, the artist’s fascination with the world around him clearly manifests itself through his work, yet no piece is ever site-specific.

His aim is for the viewer to connect personally with each composition — to be reminded of a place they once knew, or be visited by an unexpected moment of emotion.

Having discovered his love of art at a young age, Simon followed his natural artistic instinct, in the process acquiring techniques and preferences which he relates through his work.

These encompass brush and palette knife work, subtle under-painting and graduating alterations in colour.

A spokesman for the Lemongrove Gallery said: “Dramatic, atmospheric and totally captivating, Simon’s dynamic abstracts are widely collected by both private and corporate clients, located around the globe, and has appeared in many prestigious exhibitions and galleries.

“His originals have created a sensation and his much-anticipated collection of limited editions, which were recently launched in the UK, have will delighted his many collectors looking for one of his lyrical abstracts at a lower price point.

“Join us in the gallery for the opportunity to view this exhilarating collection of artwork and meet the man himself.”

Simon himself says of his work: “My personality is a big part of what I paint. I do become incredibly emotionally connected to my work, almost treating it as though it’s a living thing. My mood plays a part in the colours I choose, or the way I use my brushes and knives, and it can certainly affect direction of the work — that’s what makes it so special to me.”

Simon Kenny visits the Lemongrove Gallery at 10 Duke Street next Friday (June 9) from 7pm to 9pm.

Anyone interested in attending the event is asked to confirm their place by calling the gallery on (01491) 577215 or emailing henley@

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