Thursday, 21 October 2021

Artists are taking a look at perception

Artists are taking a look at perception

A CONTEMPORARY art exhibition opening at the Old Fire Station Gallery on Thursday (February 15) will offer four different views of the act of perception.

Billed as “a banquet for the eyes”, the show — titled Unlikely Perceptions — is the work of the Foursight Art Collective: Peta Jacobs, Jennie Jewitt-Harris, Karen Marks and Jaci Foster.

The four artists, who studied together at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, each have a very different way of viewing the world.

The exhibition includes 3D photography, sculpture, painting, light, ceramics, and contemporary collage.

Peta Jacobs’s artworks explore the phenomena of light and matter, including the paradoxical nature of wave and particle behaviour at the quantum level.

The physical act of seeing
underlies the work of Jennie Jewitt-Harris — her
drawings and sculpture “tease at the notions of vision, visibility and meaning”.

Karen Marks reshapes thrown and coloured porcelain while it is still damp to reinterpret the flow and rhythm of water.

And Jaci Foster’s work explores the concept of home and the many different perceptions that link this with female identity.

The fundamental concept examined by Unlikely Perceptions is that of perspective and the artworks exhibited ask the viewer to look at ordinary, everyday things in a different way, creating new understanding.

Entry to the exhibition, which runs until Tuesday, February 27, is free.

For more information, visit www.foursightart

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