Wednesday, 22 September 2021

‘Pop star’ of quilting world pushes colour boundary

A TURNER Prize winner gave a talk on quilting in Henley.

A TURNER Prize winner gave a talk on quilting in Henley.

American fabric designer Kaffe Fassett was at Lady Sew and Sew in Farm Road as part of the Henley Arts Trail.

He held a workshop in which he discussed colour and patterns and judged quilts with an “S” shape designed by amateur artists. Mr Fassett then talked about his career to more than 150 people.

Judy Edwards, who co-owns the business, said his presence was “electrifying”.

She said: “He’s the pop star of the quilting world and a global icon. Everyone was excited to see him and we learned a lot from him.” Co-owner Vanessa Blogg said: “Kaffe has been in the colour industry for 50 years and he’s one of the few people who has changed with the times.

“He took everyone out of their comfort zones. They started off with a pallet of colour which they think they are going to use and Kaffe makes them do different things.” Mr Fassett, who won the Turner Prize this year for services to colour, said: “It’s a good strength for any quilter to concentrate on colour and that’s what the class was about.

“It’s nice to hear that people are taken out of their comfort zone and are being pushed.”

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