Sunday, 24 October 2021

Independent prep schools are starting a new bus service for students

Independent prep schools are starting a new bus service for students

BROCKHURST and Marlston House preparatory schools are located near Hermitage and are delighted to announce a new bus service to Pangbourne, Goring and Streatley and East and West Ilsley.

Rated “excellent” in every category by the Independent Schools Inspectorate, we offer you a unique choice of education which combines the best features of the single sex and co-education systems in a diamond model.

How does it work? We run a
co-educational pre-prep and then small single sex academic classes from Year 2, which allows us to direct our teaching to the differing maturity and needs of boys and girls in the primary years.

However, our extracurricular activities and performing arts are run co-educationally, giving our boys and girls all the social benefits of mixing together outside the classroom.

It’s the “best of both worlds” and our outstanding record of scholarship success and entry to leading independent schools is proof of its benefits. But we’re about much more than that. Our boys and girls are encouraged to become well-rounded individuals with open and enquiring minds who are confident in challenging their understanding. The particular personal qualities we value and foster are cheerful enthusiasm, appropriate self-confidence and good manners. We develop these by setting clear expectations and providing a very wide range of opportunities both in and out of the classroom. Indeed, we have some of the best facilities of any prep school in England, with more than 500 acres in the Pang Valley for our children to explore and take advantage of. All our children are able to discover things they enjoy and can achieve success in, and as a result they become confident in “having a go” without fear of failure and their determination to do their best, resilience and moral courage develop. We believe this is the best preparation for future success and for leading a fulfilled life. Why not come and see us for yourself and find out exactly why we are rated an “excellent” school across the board. For more information, visit Brockhurst and Marlston House online at