Thursday, 24 June 2021

Playing field shut

A SCHOOL playing field in Benson will be locked to prevent people letting their dogs foul the area.

It comes as the parish council is encouraging responsible owners to shame those who don’t clear up after their animals by spraying the mess with pink paint.

The playing field off Oxford Road belongs to the trustees of the Benson Church of England Voluntary School Trust and is for the benefit of the adjacent primary school.

The trustees say the area is not a public playground but it has been “reasonably relaxed” about dog walkers using it until now.

They said: “Sadly, there has been an increasing problem with dogs being walked across, or worse, being allowed to run free without any attempt to clear up their mess.

“This is not acceptable, given the field’s principal use as the primary school playing field.

“The trustees have therefore decided that any informal access to the field will have to cease and the gates will be locked.”

Anyone wishing to use or to continue the use the field should email the trustees at or

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