Saturday, 19 June 2021

Children's nursery to expand

A CHILDREN’S nursery in Benson is set to expand.

Scamps in Churchfield Lane has been granted planning permission to remove three conditions imposed when consent was first granted in 2003, including one that the number of children on site on any one day should not exceed 50.

Scamps owner Sue Johnson said she was responding to the prospect of Benson having hundreds of new homes, creating more demand for childcare.

But the nursery wouldn’t just increase its numbers overnight. “You can’t just have 100 kids willy nilly,” she said. “We would have to go to the county council and Ofsted.

“The key motivation for Scamps is to avoid a breach of conditions at times of day when there may be crossover between groups and in emergency situations, for example adverse weather conditions.

“At these points there may well be more than 50 children on site as the drop-off times/leaving times of children cross over. An increased limit would ensure that there was no breach of condition.”

South Oxfordshire District Council, the planning authority, approved the application.

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