Monday, 02 August 2021

Play area equipment a 'hazard'

MULTI-PLAY equipment at the Sunnyside play area in Benson is to be removed because it is a safety hazard.

The parish council says it must take action, although it hasn’t closed the facility.

Patricia Baylis, chairwoman of the council’s recreation and lands committee, said: “We have to remove it or repair it. It’s too dangerous to leave it as it is.”

She said the work would cost £2,450 plus VAT plus another £2,000 to refurbish the rest of the equipment.

Councillor Michael Winton said the play area should be closed immediately.

“It’s unsafe and a trip hazard,” he said. “It should be taken down and we should get three quotes to replace the whole lot.

“It’s a waste of money to spend £5,000 on it as it is, it needs replacing..”

Council vice-chairman Jon Fowler said he would visit the play area as the council's health and safety representative and inspect the equipment.

He said: “I’ll see whether the play area needs to be shut down or whether I feel it’s still in a suitable state to be used, barring this piece of equipment. My concern is we have a piece of equipment there that is in an unsafe state.”

The committee agreed to spend a sum not exceeding £4,300, plus VAT, on the removal of the equipment and the refurbishment of the remaining pieces, subject to Cllr Fowler’s inspection.

Members also agreed to ask the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents to bring forward its annual safety inspection of all the village’s play areas.

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