Wednesday, 23 June 2021

CONCERNS have been raised about the future of a group formed to prevent the closure of Benson library.

Robert Anderson-Besant, a trustee and founding member of the Friends of Benson Library, told a parish council meeting that the number of trustees was decreasing and there were concerns about how much longer the charity could survive.

The group signed a formal agreement in 2013 to keep the library running with the help of volunteers following budget cuts by Oxfordshire County Council.

The library was one of 16 due to lose half their staff funding until a deal was reached.  The agreement states that the council will provide all the facilities and 20 hours of staff time a week with the Friends funding a further five hours a week to ensure that a professional librarian is always present when the building is open. 

The Friends have to provide sufficient volunteers to support the professional staff and maintain the opening hours.

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