Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Objection to more rooms at care home

A DEVELOPER wants to add another 10 bedrooms to a care home due to be built in Benson.

Plans for the 60-bed home off Churchfield Lane were approved by South Oxfordshire District Council in March last year.

The two-storey building will have a “landmark” tower which the company says will give residents views of Benson marina and the river beyond.

Now Northstar, a specialist care home design and development company, wants to amend the plans to make it a 70-bed home but within the same footprint.

This would be achieved by removing the staff accommodation which the company says is no longer required.

Benson Parish Council has objected on the grounds of overdevelopment and no consideration being given to parking.

It says: “The council is very concerned that this will alter the dynamics of the facility, given that the increase in beds is bound to increase both the number of staff required and the number of visits to the care home.

“While all staff will now be obliged to journey to the home on a daily basis, and there will inevitably be far more comings and goings, the application makes no discernible provision for the increased requirement for parking or for the additional transport issues which will inevitably arise.”

Councillor Rob Jordan said there had been concerns about the amount of parking space provided in the original plan and under the revised scheme there was only one extra space.

He accused the company of wanting “to make more money without putting in any infrastructure”.

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