Thursday, 17 June 2021

Nursery children set to grow

A CHILDREN’S nursery in Benson wants to take more children.

Scamps in Churchfield Lane wants to have 75 children compared with 50 now.

A year ago it was given consent to remove a condition imposed when planning permission was first granted in 2003 that the number of children on site on any one day should not exceed 50.

This meant it was allowed to take up to 75 youngsters at any one time on any one day for the next 12 months.

Now this consent has expired, the nursery has applied to South Oxfordshire District Council for permission to make it permanent.

Its planning statement says: “With the forthcoming growth in Benson, there is a real need for increased childcare provision in a sustainable location where there is opportunity to walk to school.

“There would not be a significant increase in numbers of children across the day as the current split of groups would remain.

“The key motivation for Scamps is to avoid a breach of condition at times of the day where there may be a crossover between groups and in emergency

The council will make a decision by July 16.

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