Thursday, 13 May 2021

Benson and Cholsey ward: Maryse Pomlett (SD)

I AM married, recently retired and have lived in Cholsey for 26 years. I worked for Oxfordshire County Council in adult social care and most recently as a commissioner where I reviewed and purchased

This provides me with some insight of how the county council functions. I will work to ensure that decisions made by the council are based on good practice, evidence and common sense.

I will strive to ensure the people of Benson and Cholsey receive the right kind of housing and infrastructure. We need to keep children, families and vulnerable people safe and independent. I will promote the securing of the right support and care when needed.

I am committed to the Social Democratic Party’s principles on family, community, and nation. My focus will be to encourage stable and secure families as a foundation to raise responsible citizens, develop communities and ensure value for our council tax.

Voting for me, will mean a common sense approach and a commitment from a candidate embedded in the community. I hope to see you at the allotment or walking by the river.

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