Thursday, 21 October 2021

New house opposed

PLANS for a new building at a house in Preston Crowmarsh have been recommended for refusal by Benson Parish Council.

Stuart Scott-Ely wants to demolish an existing annexe which houses a swimming pool and construct a separate two-storey home overlooking the river.

A planning statement submitted by Bell Cornwell says: “The replacement home would be a contemporary-style dwelling set over two floors, designed to be viewed as a landmark on the banks of the River Thames as an exemplary example of modern, environmentally friendly architecture, the like of which is becoming more and more prominent along the river.”

The council “strongly” objected to the application, saying that while the original plans had been changed so the new building would be further back from the river and the perceived height lower, a pond on the southern side of the site had been removed unlawfully.

It said: “We would wish to see the pond fully restored and that the required surveys are performed before any further actions are taken and before this application is determined.”

It also said the location of the proposed property was “completely inappropriate at a time when the impact of climate change is exacerbating every aspect of flood risk”.

The council added: “Its mass would detract significantly from the views from and to the river and would look inappropriate and extravagant in the riverside setting. The scale, style and detailed design of the proposed dwelling is in conflict with Benson’s neighbourhood plan.”

Neighbour Mark Dance has objected, saying the house would be “obtrusive”.

South Oxfordshire District Council, the planning authority, was due to make a decision this week.

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