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Henley have the edge in mixed triples derby encounter

DESPITE winning on four of the six rinks played, HENLEY lost out to visitors LONDON BOWLING SECRETARIES ASSOCIATION

DESPITE winning on four of the six rinks played, HENLEY lost out to visitors LONDON BOWLING SECRETARIES ASSOCIATION on Thursday of last week in a friendly match by 121 shots to 106.

Roger Sayer with John Cross, Angelika Crisa and Malc Johnson ran out winners 25-16, as did Barrie Davis with Jenny Wingrove, David Maybury and John Rees, 23-19. Frank Powell, playing in his first match of the season, led his rink of Mick Belcher, Theresa Dombey and Andy Scott to win 17-13. Peter Watkins was the other winning rink with Lynn Sayer, Jim Woodford and David Palmer, 21-18.

The losing rinks saw Richard Kingston with Peter Field, Mavis Johnson and Di Woodford go down 20-11 while Peter Borsberry with Trish Jones, Bill Outram and Val Rees lost 35-9.

On Saturday HENLEY ran out 88-76 winners at WARGRAVE in a mixed triples friendly, winning on three of the five rinks and losing on two.

Keith Lawrance was the most successful skip with Angelika Crisa and Len Snelgrove winning 21-8. Norman Daniells with Jenny Wingrove and Malc Johnson ran out winners 24-13, as did Richard Kingston with Peter Field and Sally Daniells 16-14. Elsewhere Peter Borsberry with Theresa Dombey and Bill Outram lost 17-13 to Val Sims, Ray Trussler and Peter Burton while Peter Watkins with Mavis Johnson and Andy Scott went down 24-14 to David Bowler, Mike Pope and George Hedges.

HENLEY finished as runners-up at the Palmer Park Gala Day event which was contested between 20 teams.

Gill Robins skipped with Angelika Crisa at lead, Maurice Robins at two and Richard Kingston at three to head their league after the games against clubs from BRIXTON, GAINSBOROUGH LINCS, GORING and HURST,

With a comfortable win in their semi-final against MAIDEN ERLEGH, Henley eventually lost out to CAVERSHAM in the final.

SHIPLAKE lost out at CARTERTON in Division 1 of the Oxfordshire Bowls League on Thursday of last week.

The visitors, who went down 81-70 after winning on two rinks and getting a half on another, picked up 2.5 points to the hosts’ 3.5.

Jim Bland’s rink had gone into the lead at the halfway mark, but the home side won the last four ends to secure a draw.

Matt Shepherd’s four took an early lead, but the hosts then scored on four consecutive ends, and never really looked back, eventually winning by 13 shots.

The rink of Graham Kennedy reached the midpoint level, and fought extremely hard in the second period before coming home to win by one shot over their illustrious opponents.

Similarly, Barrie Evans’s rink held parity at halfway before establishing a healthy lead, only to drop a six, but then reasserted themselves, winning the last three ends to take a one shot victory.

Scores (Shiplake names): B Copp, R Pitcher, D Webb, J Bland 18-18; D Buckett, J Gutteridge, T Reid, M Shepherd 12-25; F Benham, D Harris, D Bullock, G Kennedy 20-19; P Christmas, D Lloyd, M Cranstoun, B Evans 20-19.

Last Friday evening SHIPLAKE defeated visitors ALMSHOUSES 55-10 in a round of the Plomer Cup as they won on four of the five rinks played to pick up 10 league points to the visitors’ two.

Picking up eight shots on the fourth end set Wendy Cross up for a 22 shots win. Matt Shepherd scored a six on the seventh to go 13-3 up and, except for a three, the scoring was low with mostly singles before Shepherd came home by 12.

Winning the first five ends for 10 Jim Bland then scored consistently to win by 21. Coming from behind Dave Webb scored a five on the eighth followed by a four and a further seven shots to win by 10.

Losing by 11 shots (16-5) at the 13th Melvin Stafford managed to win three of the remaining ends to reach double figures.

Scores (Shiplake names): J Webb, H West, W Cross 34-12; K Bland, J Stafford, M Shepherd 21-8; E Robinson, B Copp, J Bland 31-10; M West, P Mansfield, D Webb 26-16; V Harris, R Copp, M Stafford 10-20.

On Sunday SHIPLAKE ran out 97-86 winners at WINDSOR AND ETON in a five rinks mixed friendly.

Scores (Shiplake names): B Copp, P Mansfield, P Christmas, W Cross 18-20; Jean Buckett, C Buckett, Jodie Buckett, R Buckett 18-17; E Robinson, J Gutteridge, M Stafford 18-13; F Benham, C Gutteridge, H Robinson, B Evans 28-13; D Harris, S Pitcher, R Copp, R Pitcher 15-23.

WARGRAVE went down to a 94-70 defeat against MAIDEN ERLEIGH in the Kennet League on Tuesday of last week. Wargrave picked up four league points to Maiden Erleigh’s 10.

On Wednesday of last week WARGRAVE defeated WEXHAM as they triumphed on four of the five rinks played. The best winning rink for Wargrave was that of Bill Cordell, Mary Trussler and David Smith.

WARGRAVE continued their quest for promotion in the KLX competition with a 58-51 victory against WINDSOR GREAT PARK on Friday of last week. The visitors picked up eight points to the hosts’ two.

The best winning Wargrave triple was again skipped by John Sumner assisted by Roger Prew and Ken Brooks (21 to 8). Mike Pope with Keith Sykes and Sam Morrison were also successful (23 to 14). The triple of George Hedges George Smith and David Smith lost their match by 15 shots.

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