Monday, 17 January 2022

Sunday best for Henley

HOSTS HENLEY went down to a 76-63 defeat in a four triples men’s friendly against READING on Tuesday of last week where they lost on three rinks.

Barrie Davies, with new member John Wilkinson, and Kevin Browne extended his winning run to four, with a 19-8 win.

Simon Hatcher, with Frank Powell and Andy Scott, were 9-9 after seven ends, having been two up after three ends, but couldn’t regain the lead, and dropped a three on the last end to go down 20-15.

Peter Borsberry, with Brian Duddy and James Turner, were four up after three ends, and level after nine ends, but fell away to be 12 down after 13 ends before losing 23-14.

Colin Ward, with David Maybury and Nigel Bridges, were seven down after four ends, picked up a five and a two to be level after six ends, before falling away to eight down after 11 ends. The trio were 15 down after 16 ends before picking up five on the last ends to go down 25-15.

HENLEY got back to winning ways on Sunday when they defeated visitors SUTTONS in a five mixed triples friendly by 95 shots to 89 as they triumphed on three rinks.

Steve Sullivan, with David Maybury and Joan Edwards, were five up after five ends, and steadily pulled away running out 22-10 winners.

Norman Daniells, with Angelika Crisa and Peter Borsberry, were two down after four ends then led 10-9 after eight ends before racing away to win 31-11.

Barrie Davies, with Lynn Sayer and Peter Watkins, were eight up after four ends, but only three after 14 ends, before picking up a seven on the next end, winning 24-13.

David Burdon, with Jeanie Davies and Andy Scott, were two down after 15 ends but dropped 10 shots on the last ends to go down 24-12.

Dave Wilson, with Romy Painter and Kevin Browne, two down after six ends but struggled from there to go down 31-6.

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