Monday, 17 January 2022

Cup joy for visitors

HENLEY ran out 73-56 winners in their Plomer Cup encounter at WATLINGTON last Saturday.

The visitors won on two of the four triples played to pick up seven league points to the hosts’ five.

Norman Daniells, with Angelika Crisa and Andy Scott, were 13 shots up, having scored a “hotshot” (maximum nine shots on the end) to eventually win 25-10.

Simon Hatcher, with Jeanie Davies and Peter Borsberry, were level 9-9 after 10 ends then pulled away to win 20-14.

Dave Wilson, with Joan Edwards and Rod Grant, were eight up after five ends then level after 13 ends. Leading by three shots going into the last end, they dropped four shots to narrowly lose 17-16.

Gill Robins, with Richard Kingston and Colin Ward, were level 8-8 all after 11 ends and 12-12 after 17 ends only to drop three shots on the last end to lose 15-12.

On Sunday HENLEY ran out 61-58 winners in a four triples mixed friendly at home to BASSETSBURY MANOR where the hosts won on two rinks.

Barrie Davies, with new bowler Martin Taylor and Kevin Browne, were a couple of shots down after two ends before hitting back to run out 27-11 winners.

Angie Isaac, with new bowler Shaun Anderson and Steve Isaac, were 6-6 after seven ends before falling short and losing 17-11.

David Burdon, with new to the club Jim Turner and Jeanie Davies, were two down after 16 ends, but picked up three on the last two ends to run out 12-10 winners.

Steve Sullivan, with Romy Painter and Keith Lawrance, were six up after seven ends, and level after 10, but only picked up two shots over the last ends to lose out 20-11.

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