Sunday, 14 August 2022

Bland in fine form

SHIPLAKE played their first game of the season on Saturday in the form of the annual in-house Captain versus Vice-Captain Early Bird Cup with the former being successful by 115 shots to 98.

Jim Bland was 8-0 down after four ends but pulled back to win by 17. Tony Reid hung on to win by one shot while Graham Clinch and David Bullock finished 17 apiece. Howard West had a convincing victory by eight.

Although ends won were close, Barry Evans won by 10 shots over Trevor Beaumont. David Webb scored two on the last two ends to win by one over David Steel.

Scores (captains’ names first): A Main, J Chamberlain, J Bland 27, S Reid, P Mansfield, R Pitcher 10; D Taylor, M West, T Reid 16, J Webb, P Main, W Cross 15; V Harris, J Munnelly, G Clinch 17, R Copp, M Lovejoy, D Bullock 17; M Woodard, F Benham, H West 24, K Bland, B Copp, D Jacob 16; P Steel, M Belcher, T Beaumont 13, V Beaumont, M Cranstoun, B Evans 23; S Stretch, D Buckett, D Webb 18, P Walker, S Cranstoun, D Steel 17.

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