Monday, 15 August 2022

Shiplake off to winning start

SHIPLAKE got their Plomer Cup campaign off to a winning start as they defeated CAVERSHAM by 115 shots to 72.

SHIPLAKE got their Plomer Cup campaign off to a winning start as they defeated CAVERSHAM by 115 shots to 72.

The hosts won all five rinks to secure 12 league points to their opponents’ 0.

David Bullock was one shot down at the 17th, then picked up a five to win by six. Graham Kennedy was 18-4 up midway through but then only won three more ends.

Wendy Cross scored steadily all through the match to win comfortably by eight, likewise Daphne Jacob who came home 13 shots to the good. Jim Bland’s rink was nip and tuck all the game but then scored six shots on the last two ends to win by that amount.

Scores (Shiplake names first): P Steel, D Buckett, P Mansfield, D Bullock 22, L Furlonger, G Ayres, J Ralley, J Brown 16; J Stafford, E Pelling, G Clinch, G Kennedy 25, M Roberts, D Ash, H Walmsley, P Day 16; S Stretch, J Snook, D Steel, W Cross 23, M Mercer, T Furlonger, D Ash, P Fowkes 14; M Pelling, A Melville, E Orchard, D Jacob 26, M Weal, J Dowie, M Fowkes, J Back 13; J Buckett, K Bland, P Buckett, J Bland 19, L Elgeti, M Erratt, T Slark, S Hall 13.

Last Saturday SHIPLAKE played an in-house captain versus vice-captain game with the latter coming out on top by 26 shots (98-76).

Vice-captain Graham Clinch’s side won on all rinks except his own, which he drew with captain Wendy Cross 17-17.

Scores (captain side first): V Harris, L Mitton 14, P Steel, J Bland 16; P Walker, M Lovejoy, G Kennedy 13, S Stretch, E Pelling, D Bullock 28; J Chamberlain, E Orchard, P Buckett, W Cross 17, M Pelling, P Mansfield, D Steel, G Clinch 17; S Clinch, M Belcher, B Lambourne 18, J Webb, R Pitcher, H Robinson 20; J Buckett, D Buckett, D Jacobs 14, S Reid, I Robinson, B Evans 17.

PEPPARD lost their first match of the season on Sunday when they went down by four rinks to two at WOKINGHAM.

The visitors took an early lead on five of the six rinks and were well ahead at the half-way stage before Wokingham had a strong second half to run out winners.

Scores (Peppard names): Chris Eldred, Peter Borsberry, Janet McCulley, Geof Mitson 18-30; David Quint, Chris Mitson, John Faulkner, Elaine Roberts 26-10; Liz Waterfall, Colin Benger, Bill Copp, Peter Watkins 9-34; Pat Gibbons, Bill Outram, Tony Hill, David Jennings 14-29; Jimmy McLelland, John Waterfall, Jean Smart, Diana Faulkner 16-22; Barry Gibbons, Barry Smart, Bob Eldred, Ruth Copp 21-16.

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