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Skip Lewis leads way as Watlington take honours

HENLEY went down to a 91-66 five mixed triples defeat at home to WATLINGTON on Saturday in the Plomer Cup.

HENLEY went down to a 91-66 five mixed triples defeat at home to WATLINGTON on Saturday in the Plomer Cup.

The visitors picked up eight points from the match while Henley had to settle for just four.

Skip David Silvester with Margaret Golden, playing her first game for Henley at lead and David Maybury at two produced the best score for the hosts with skip Gill Robins’ triple a close second.

For Watlington skip John Lewis produced the best card of the match followed by that of Bob Gilkes’ triple with Neil Brown’s triple winning margin reduced by conceding four shots on the last end.

Scores (Henley names first): M Golden, D Maybury, D Silvester 19, R Lewis, S Evans, J Trimmer 9; H Beaumont, J Cross, L Snelgrove 17, D Breden, C Nall, N Brown 25; M Belcher, R Kingston, G Robins 17, M Evins, A Evins, D Byers 9; T Dombey, R Sayer, M Robins 6, M Trimmer, A Silvey, J Lewis 24; R Maybury, D Burdon, F Powell 8, M Silvey, M Saunders, B Gilkes 24.

HENLEY suffered an 88-77 defeat away to PANGBOURNE in a five mixed triples Manchester Unity League match. The visitors secured just four out of the 12 possible league points.

Skips Gill Robins and David Silvester oversaw wins for their triples while Len Snelgrove’s triple experienced a close game on their rink gaining the lead five times only to lose it again with parity on the penultimate end and just losing out on the 18th end.

Frank Powell and his triple suffered calamity on the eighth end losing it by nine shots and thereafter found it too difficult to regain the lead.

Scores (Henley names): A Scott, J Thompson, D Silvester 18-13; R Maybury, J Hawthorne, F Powell 15-22; J Cross, R Kingston, G Robins 21-14; M Johnson, D Maybury, M Robins 8-22; R Sayer, B Bishop, L Snelgrove 15-17.

HENLEY got back to winning ways in the league as they eased to a comfortable 106-71 win at home to UNIVERSITY OF READING. The hosts secured 10 points from the match.

Maurice Robins’ triple with Sally Daniells at lead and David Maybury at two had an emphatic 29-8 win while skips Brenda Bishop, David Silvester and Frank Powell led their respective triples to good wins, including a five shot triumph on one end each, with Gill Robins’ triple losing out on their rink.

Scores (Henley names): R Maybury, A Daniels, D Silvester 24-14; A Crisa, D Burdon, F Powell 22-14; R Kingston, N Daniells, G Robins 6-27; M Johnson, J Woodford, B Bishop 25-8; S Daniells, D Maybury, M Robins 29-8.

SHIPLAKE’S five triples triumphed at MAIDENHEAD TOWN last Saturday. Shiplake won on four rinks and overall by 75 shots to 68.

Trevor Beaumont with Margaret Bullock and Val Beaumont won by the highest margin, seven shots, the other winning skips were Helen Robinson, David Bullock and Mick Lovejoy.

Scores (Shiplake names): M Pelling, D Buckett, M Lovejoy 15-14; D Taylor, S Clinch, G Clinch 10-19; E Pelling, D Harris, H Robinson 14-10; M Bullock, V Beaumont, T Beaumont 18-11; Jean Webb, I Robinson, D Bullock 18-14.

SHIPLAKE triumphed by 95 shots to 77 at home to TWYFORD on Sunday.

Katie Bland, Phyllis Mansfield and skip Phil Buckett had the best win of the day, winning by 16 shots. Matt Shepherd’s triple went into the last end all square and won by one shot. Daphne Jacob and Wendy Cross also skipped their triples to victory. Shiplake won 95-77.

Scores (Shiplake names): Pat Walker, Roger Pitcher, Wendy Cross 21-17; Katie Bland, Phyllis Mansfield, Phil Buckett 25-9; Eric Davis, Jean Buckett, Daphne Jacob 19-17; Jean Webb, Melvin Stafford, Margaret Bullock 16-21; Sue Reid, Jackie Stafford, Matt Shepherd 14-13.

Last Thursday SHIPLAKE beat CHARLBURY in Division 2 of the ODBL by 105 shots to 64 at Memorial Avenue. The hosts gained five points to the visitors’ one.

Jim Bland’s rink got off to a slow start and soon found themselves six shots adrift, but recovered well to finish 13 in front.

Trevor Beaumont’s four were the high scorers of the night, leading from start to finish, thrashing their opposition by 18.

The only rink to lose was that of Barrie Evans, whose four went seven behind after five ends, and despite a spirited recovery, lost by just one shot. Barry Lambourne’s rink started well and despite a late fight-back by their opponents, went on to win by seven.

Scores (Shiplake names): I Robinson, D Buckett, A Melville, J Bland 24-11; F Benham, J Munnelly, D Bullock, T Beaumont 31-13; J Chamberlain, D Steel, G Clinch, B Evans 21-22; P Buckett, M Belcher, M Shepherd, B Lambourne 25-18.

On Wednesday evening of last week SHIPLAKE ran out 13-shot winners at PANGBOURNE in a five triples Manchester Unity League game where they picked up eight points to the hosts’ four.

Trevor Beaumont was trailing by four shots at the 14th before picking up 11 in four ends to finish six to the good. Mike Lovejoy’s game was a close run affair ending two down. David Bullock’s game was also a nip and tuck game, ending three down.

Barrie Evans scored five in the last three ends to secure the points by two. Jim Bland’s triple were run-away winners by 11 shots to secure the overall win for the visitors.

Scores (Shiplake names): P Walker, J Snook, M Lovejoy 17-19; S Clinch, P Mansfield, D Bullock 14-17; V Beaumont, G Clinch, B Evans 15-13; I Robinson, S Blackmore, J Bland 20-9; H Robinson, M Belcher, T Beaumont 19-13.

WARGRAVE lost by 107 shots to 53 to MAIDENHEAD TOWN B in the Kennet League.

Of the four rinks played, Wargrave only won on one, that skipped by M Pope, that triumphed 22-15.

Maidenhead Town picked up 12 league points to Wargrave’s two.

Last Wednesday WARGRAVE went down to a 100-81 defeat at TWYFORD in a six triples match.

The following day WARGRAVE LADIES lost overall at HENLEY. Wargrave won on just one rink, that skipped by M A Pope along with P Edwards and D Blake.

On Saturday WARGRAVE beat BURGHFIELD by 92 shots to 36. Wargrave won all four triples that were played.

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