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Shiplake ease to comfortable Manchester Unity League win

HENLEY defeated LONDON SECRETARIES BOWLING ASSOCIATION in their annual six-mixed friendly match by 95 shots to 81.

HENLEY defeated LONDON SECRETARIES BOWLING ASSOCIATION in their annual six-mixed friendly match by 95 shots to 81.

Best performance of the day was from skip Frank Powell’s rink where they won by 22-1. Skips David Silvester, Jim Woodford and David Maybury ensured their rinks were ahead at the end, while the other two skips, Len Snelgrove and his rink and D Burdon, playing as a triple, fought strenuously but were unable to get the better of their opponents.

Scores (Henley names): J Cross, C Blakeway, Malcolm Johnson, L Snelgrove 15-17; R Sayer, J Hawthorne, D Woodford, D Maybury 18-16; R Maybury, D Palmer, A Daniels, F Powell 22-1; R Kingston, J Bower, J Thompson, D Silvester 16-11; M Johnson, T Dombey, D Burdon 8-23; M Belcher, D Smith, K Lawrance, J Woodford 16-13.

HENLEY lost out at WARGRAVE in their five mixed rinks friendly match by 89 shots to 77 last Saturday.

Gill Robins’ triple lost the first end, scored freely thereafter to finish 24-5 ahead while skip Frank Powell’s triple lost their lead, regained it only to go behind before coming back to win the last two ends and finish three shots ahead.

Scores (Henley names): S Daniells, D Maybury, J Woodford 11-26; R Maybury, Malcolm Johnson, F Powell 17-14; T Dombey, C Ward, L Snelgrove 11-23; M Johnson, K Lawrance, D Silvester 14-21; R Kingston, N Daniells, G Robins 22-5.

HENLEY lost out at home to SHIPLAKE last Sunday 97-66 in a five mixed triples Manchester Unity League and Plomer Cup combined match.

Skip Gill Robins led her triple to a clear cut 25-6 win which was not quite enough to offset the win by Shiplake’s Jim Bland and his triple.

On the other rinks the visitors’ triples came out on top helped by skips David Bullock and Barrie Evans seeing their triples win an end apiece by five shots.

Shiplake’s Daphne Jacob kept her triple in front against Henley’s Frank Powell’s triple with just four shots difference at the end.

Scores (Henley names first): S Daniells, M Robins, L Snelgrove 6, M Belcher, P Mansfield, J Bland 33; A Crisa, D Burdon, F Powell 11, J Munnelly, M Shepherd, D Jacobs 15; R Kingston, N Daniells, G Robins 25, M Bullock, M Stafford, W Cross 6; J Cross, J Thompson, D Silvester 13, J Stafford, R Pitcher, B Evans 19; B Davies, D Maybury, Barrie Davies 11, J Webb, F Benham, D Bullock 24.

Last Wednesday SHIPLAKE triumphed at home to ALMSHOUSES in a four triple mixed friendly by 28 shots (85-57). Graham Clinch had a runaway victory by 24 shots whilst Graham Kennedy won by 13 and Wendy Cross by 11. Mike Lovejoy’s triple were 8-4 up at the 11th but never scored another shot.

Scores (Shiplake names): M Bullock, P Mansfield, G Clinch 34-10; S Reid, J Snook, Graham Kennedy 22-9; D Taylor, I Robinson, W Cross 21-10; S Stretch, F Benham, M Lovejoy 8-18.

Hosts SHIPLAKE beat GORING on Saturday in the Manchester Unity League, winning on four of the rinks by 44 shots and 10 points to two.

Barrie Evans was the highest winner for the villagers by 21 with Trevor Beaumont coming home 14 to the good. Other winning skips were Daphne Jacob (+11) and Graham Kennedy (+4).

Scores (Shiplake names first): S Reid, M Belcher, T Beaumont 27, G Lovering, K Elvin, R Goddard 13; M Pelling, M Stafford, B Evans 28, J Burton, L Redding, P Mitchell 9; V Beaumont, R Pitcher, G Kennedy 18, E New, I Wilcox, P New 14; S Clinch, G Clinch, M Lovejoy 16, M Keal, T Elvin, L Smith 20; E Pelling, E Orchard, D Jacob 23, A Lovering, I Scott, R Lomass 12.

SHIPLAKE LADIES progressed to the next round of the County Top Club competition when they defeated BANBURY BOROUGH AND BLOXHAM LADIES by 22 shots (78-56) on Sunday.

Margaret Bullock went down by 11 in the singles (21-10) while the pairing of Jackie Stafford and Helen Robinson won by 19 shots (28-9). Mairwen West, Phyllis Mansfield and Wendy Cross were playing catch-up all afternoon and eventually went down 16-12. The rink of Jean Webb, Edna Orchard, Sylvia Blackmore and Daphne Jacob thrashed their opponents 28-10.

PEPPARD lost out at WATLINGTON in a five-rinks Plomer Cup fixture. The visitors picked up two points from that match with their only one winning rink coming from that skipped by Geof Mitson.

Scores (Peppard names): Liz Waterfall, Ken Stewart, Ruth Copp, Geof Mitson 29-17; Chris Mitson, John Waterfall, John Rees, David Jennings 19-21; Jenny Wingrove, Chris Eldred, John Faulkner, Elaine Roberts 10-20; Bill Copp, Mavis Gomm, Brian Evans, Tony Reid 16-20; Jimmy McLelland, Tony Hill, Bob Eldred, Diana Faulkner 15-22.

PEPPARD went down to MILTON HILL in a five triples friendly match. Skip Geof Mitson’s team were Peppard’s only winning rink with a draw on rink four.

Scores (Peppard names): Chris Eldred, John Rees, Tony Reid 16-21; Janet McCulley, John Waterfall, Bob Eldred 12-20; Bill Outram, Bill Copp 15-15; Jenny Wingrove, Colin Benger, Geof Mitson 20-19; Peter Borseberry, Barry Gibbons, Ruth Copp 11-17.

PEPPARD lost overall in a six-rinks friendly with WOKINGHAM. Peppard had two winning rinks, skipped by Geof Mitson and Elaine Roberts.

Scores (Peppard names): Sherryl Quint, Barry Gibbons, John Waterfall, Tony Reid 12-26; Chris Mitson, Peter Borseberry, Colin Benger, David Jennings 9-22; Penny Russell, Pat Gibbons, Ron Savill, Bill Outram 8-25; Sue Skingsley, Albert Shepherd, Diana Faulkner 17-21; Liz Waterfall, Sandra Atkinson, John Faulkner, Elaine Roberts 15-13; Brian Borseberry, Mavis Gomm, Katie Boyle, Geof Mitson 23-14.

PEPPARD lost their five-rinks match away to TRENTHAMS by 94 shots to 81. Their only winning rink was skipped by David Jennings.

Scores (Peppard names) :Jenny Wingrove, Ron Savill, Val Rees, Tony Reid 14-18; Pat Gibbons, Peter Borseberry, Brian Borseberry, John Rees 14-18; Brian Maureen Ritchens, Tony Hill, Elaine Roberts 11-28; Janet McCulley, Gordon Richens, Chris Eldred, David Jennings 22-12; Chris Mitson, Barry Gibbons, Katie Boyle, Geof Mitson 20-21.

PEPPARD ran out winners when they entertained GREAT HOLLANDS in a five triples friendly fixture on Saturday. The hosts won on three rinks and overall by just two shots.

Scores (Peppard names): Peter Borseberry, Katie Boyle, Bob Eldred 21-19; Ron Savill, Mavis Gomm, Albert Shepherd 19-9; Gordon Richens, Maureen Richens, Elaine Roberts 13-23; Jenny Wingrove, John Faulkner, Peter Watkins 22-18; Chris Eldred, Bill Outram, Diana Faulkner 15-19.

Hosts WATLINGTON beat CAVERSHAM by 97 shots to 80 in their mixed triples Plomer Cup match on Saturday. Watlington took 10 points from the game to Caversham’s two.

The best scoring Watlington rink was rink three made up of Emma Gilkes, Neil Brown and Bob Gilkes who won 20-11. In the Kennet League last Tuesday WARGRAVE lost by six shots against SUTTONS B. Wargrave won on two rinks but lost on two as they picked up four league points to their opponents’ 10.

WARGRAVE also lost out in the county double fours last Monday against DESBOROUGH.

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