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League champions show their class in final match of season

HENLEY MEN narrowly lost out at home against HAGBOURNE in a four triples friendly match. Both teams won on two

HENLEY MEN narrowly lost out at home against HAGBOURNE in a four triples friendly match. Both teams won on two rinks each with the visitors having the higher shots total.

Skip Barrie Davies and his triple were level pegging at half before finding themselves two down after 15 ends. A seven on the next end and finishing with a two and another two ensured a win.

John Hawthorne’s triple led from the start and were never headed in their game.

The other two triples found the game going against them from the start and were unable to turn it round.

Scores (Henley names): J Cross, L Snelgrove, F Powell 16-28; R Kingston, J Rees, B Davies 24-15; A Scott, T Hewett, J Woodford 14-23; M Belcher, D Palmer, J Hawthorne 15-13.

HENLEY lost out to Manchester Unity League winners HURST in their five mixed triples match by 108 shots to 61. Henley picked up two league points while Hurst gained 10.

Gill Robins’ triple gained a comfortable lead, reduced by five in the closing stages but won on the last end to finish 18-11 winners. Skips Frank Powell, John Hawthorne, David Silvester and Jim Woodford all saw their triples lose out.

Scores (Henley names): A Crisa, D Maybury, J Woodford 12-22; R Kingston, N Daniells, G Robins 18-11; S Daniells, M Robins, J Hawthorne 16-22; R Maybury, L Snelgrove, F Powell 4-33; A Scott, J Thompson, D Silvester 11-19.

HENLEY’S final match of the season was the captain’s triples, played as a round robin and drawn triples basis. At the end of all the matches four of the teams were level on points but shots difference allowed the triple of Sally Daniells, Tony Hewett and Jim Woodford as skip to claim first prize with Margaret Golden, Len Snelgrove and their skip, John Hawthorne as runners-up.

WATLINGTON triumphed 88 shots to 78 in their triples match on Sunday at High Wycombe against BASSETSBURY MANOR.

In a keenly fought match Watlington won on three of the five rinks. Watlington’s top rink was skipped by David Auger, with Silvia Evans as two and Rosemary Lewis leading.

SHIPLAKE narrowly lost their Plomer Cup match at CAVERSHAM on Saturday by one shot, going down 95-94.

Jim Bland’s rink were in fine form, scoring 20 shots in nine ends before their opponents scored and going on to win by eight. There were also wins for skips Barry Lambourne and Daphne Jacob. Each team secured six league points each from the five-rink match.

Scores (Shiplake names): V Beaumont, I Robinson, H West, Daphne Jacob 22-14; S Stretch, D Taylor, G Clinch, B Lambourne 19-12; P Mansfield, D Buckett, S Blackmore, W Cross 10-26; M Bullock, M Lovejoy, L Mitton, J Bland 27-19; M West, E Orchard, D Bullock, T Beaumont 16-24.

SHIPLAKE lost out at home to BURGHFIELD on Sunday in a five-triple Manchester Unity League match.

Helen Robinson’s triple scored 11 in the first five ends before their opponents steadily caught up to within one shot. Shiplake rallied to win by three shots.

Len Mitton skipped the only other winning triple, coming from behind and overtaking the opposition on the 16th end to win by four shots.

Shiplake lost the game 111-73 and secured four league points to Burghfield’s eight.

Scores (Shiplake names): M Stafford, M Lovejoy, H Robinson 21-18; J Webb, M Shepherd, G Kennedy 14-28; J Munnelly, S Blackmore, L Mitton 18-14; M Bullock, I Robinson, W Cross 11-23; S Reid, M Belcher, B Evans 9-28.

PEPPARD lost their six-rink friendly at TWYFORD by 21 shots despite both sides winning on three rinks.

On rink two Peppard were trailing by eight shots after seven ends before pulling back to eventually win by five shots. Peppard’s highest winning rink, skipped by Geof Mitson, started well and met the opponents’ challenge when they got one shot ahead and went on to win by five.

Scores (Peppard names): Sherryl Quint, David Quint, Barry Smart, John Rees 26-21; Ken Stewart, Peter Borseberry, Val Rees, Peter Watkins 10-21; Jenny Wingrove, Colin Benger, Bill Outram, Diana Faulkner 17-14; Sandra Atkinson, Glyn Jones, Liz Waterfall, Tony Hill 11-28; John Crowley, Katie Boyle, Chris Mitson, Geof Mitson 23-16; Ron Savill, John Waterfall, Jean Smart, Elaine Roberts 16-24.

On Sunday 18 members of PEPPARD played in a threetriples Captain versus President match. The Captain’s side won overall, by one shot.

Scores (Captain’s team names first): Sherryl Quint, Bill Outram, John Rees 14, Liz Waterfall, David Quint, Albert Shepherd 19; John Waterfall, Val Rees, Peter Watkins 22, Barry Smart, Chris Mitson, Elaine Roberts 11; Ken Stewart, Jean Smart, Geof Mitson 11, Colin Benger, Katie Boyle, David Jennings 16.

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