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Henley on losing end

HENLEY played at GORING in an Oddfellows mixed rinks Manchester Unity League match.

HENLEY played at GORING in an Oddfellows mixed rinks Manchester Unity League match.

Goring won overall 64–48 and on all three rinks gaining 12 points to Henley’s nil.

Scores (Henley names): M Robins, S Daniells, C Blakeway and D Silvester 15–20; B Davies, J Bonar, R Sayer, J Eatwell 18–22; R Kingston, A Scott, N Daniells, G.Robins 15–20.

HENLEY played away to PEPPARD last Thursday in an Oddfellows Manchester Unity mixed–triples match, winning on all five rinks with an overall score of 110–47 and gaining 12 valuable league points.

Scores (Henley): L Snelgrove, D Woodford, J Eatwell 25–17, J Bonar, B Outram, F Powell 26–8, R Kingston, N Daniells, G Robins 33–13, B Davies, S Daniells, R Sayer 18–8, A Scott, V Rees, D Silvester 8–1.

HENLEY entertained TRENTHAM in a six mixed– triples friendly on Sunday, winning on four rinks and overall by 123–86.

Scores (Henley): B Sherwood, D Woodford, R.Kingston 26–12,  A Crisa, J.Rees, D Silvester 21–17, K.Lawrance, P Hawes, F Powell 10–23, J Cross, V Rees, J Hawthorne 6–20, J Bonar, M Robins, B Davies 27–7, and D Smith, J Woodford, L Snelgrove 33–7.

SHIPLAKE lost to HURST in a round of the OTL by 28 shots (71–99), and by 10 points to two when they visited Hurst on Saturday, letting their opponents leap–frog over them to first place.

Hurst picking up a single on the last end, left David Webb losing by one.

The only bright spot of the afternoon for the visitors was the triple skipped by Barrie Evans who picked up 17 shots in nine ends to win by 13.

Tony Reid’s three were out–bowled, losing by 21.

 Losing eight shots in the first two ends left Daphne Jacob playing catch–up all afternoon to no avail, going down by five.

Scores (Shiplake): S Reid, M Cranstoun, D Webb 12–13; A Main, G Clinch, B Evans 24–11; J Snook, P Mansfield, T Reid 7–28; J Webb, M Lovejoy, D Jacob 16–21; P Main, M Belcher, W Cross 12–26.  SHIPLAKE travelled across Reading recently to play THREE MILE CROSS in a mixed rink friendly, winning by 37 shots (101–64).

 With a last of game spurt the hosts managed to draw against Barrie Evans. Barry Lambourne was always in charge in his game, winning by 18. Scoring five on the 4th gave Jim Bland the edge to go on to win by 10.

Scoring 18 in seven ends gave David Webb a comfortable lead and he cruised home by 25. Tony Reid’s four struggled all afternoon, finishing up minus 16.

Scores (Shiplake names): W Buss, D Buckett, J Munnelly, B Evans 15–15; S Stretch, K Bland, M Lovejoy, B Lambourne 24–6; V Harris, D Lloyd, B Copp, J Bland 19–9; M Barnett, P Mansfield, R Pitcher, D Webb 35–10; R Copp, J Gutteridge, P Main, T Reid 8–24.

Last Thursday SHIPLAKE LADIES got back to winning ways when they entertained TWYFORD LADIES in a three triples friendly to the tune of 16 shots (52–36).

 Although losing by four at the 12th end Helen Robinson then wiped out the lead and then gradually pulled away to come home by five. Four down with one end to go Sylvia Blackmore then scored that amount to draw the game. Phyllis Mansfield pulled away after the first few ends were shared, to win by 11.

Scores (Shiplake): V Beaumont, S Stretch, H Robinson 20–15; M Barnett, J Stafford, S Blackmore 13–13; E Robinson, J Webb, P Mansfield 19–8.

SHIPLAKE entertained MARLOW last Saturday in a six triples mixed friendly, winning on three and by 11 94–96 (adjusted to 83 for not playing a full team). Mike Lovejoy playing against a pair struggled all afternoon, losing by 10, adjusted to only four. Although Roger Pitcher and family started well, picking up eight in the first nine, they had to settle for a one–shot victory.

Scores (Shiplake): A Main, J Snook, M Lovejoy 7–11; E Pitcher, S Pitcher, R Pitcher 13–12; C Gutteridge, R Copp, M Stafford 14–21; D Lloyd, K Bland, J Bland 24–12; E Davis, J Gutteridge, D Jacob 21–10; V Harris, P Main, B Copp 15–17.

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