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Henley secure league win on their travels

HENLEY lost out at home to DIDCOT on Wednesday of last week in an Oddfellows Mixed

HENLEY lost out at home to DIDCOT on Wednesday of last week in an Oddfellows Mixed Triples League match.

The visitors triumphed on three of the two rinks played as they ran out 80-77 winners. Henley picked up four points from the match to Didcot’s eight.

Scores (Henley names): D Smith, A Scott, D Burdon 14-18; B Davies, S Daniells, R Sayer 18-16; R Kingston, N Daniells, G Robins 19-10; A Crisa, C Blakeway, D Silvester 12-17; T Dombey, L Snelgrove, F Powell 14-19.

On Saturday HENLEY had better fortune in the Oddfellows League as they triumphed 85-78 away to HARWELL after winning on three of the rinks. Henley picked up eight league points to the hosts’ four.

Scores: D Smith, M Robins, C Ward 11-21; J Cross, S Daniells, R Sayer 18-13: R Kingston, N Daniells, G Robins 25-17; A Crisa, W Outram, A Scott 17-11; L Sayer, T Dombey, F Powell 14-16.

On Sunday HENLEY lost out 87-78 away to MAIDEN ERLEGH in a five rinks mixed triples match in a game that saw the hosts loan the visitors three players.

Scores (Henley names): M Johnson, A Scott, R Kingston 11-28; A Crisa. L Snelgrove, R Sayer 25-10; J Bonar, K Lawrance, B Davies 19-5; H Beaumont, D Burdon, F Powell 10-22; R Pontet, N Curren, R Hill 13-22.

After a good start to the OBL season, SHIPLAKE travelled to BANBURY CENTRAL last Thursday evening and were soundly beaten 91-62 with all six points going to the home side. The rink skipped by Jim Bland took an early lead, only to be pegged back and overtaken, then failed to score at all in the final seven ends and lost by nine shots. Barry Lambourne’s four went behind from the start and were totally outplayed throughout the tie, going down by 10.

The rink of Barrie Evans held their own for most of the evening, but the last quarter cost them dearly and they lost by seven shots.

Graham Kennedy’s rink recovered from a bad start to be level at the halfway mark, before moving ahead, but the last two ends saw the home side secure the win by three.

Scores (Shiplake names): B Copp, R Pitcher, D Webb, J Bland 13-22; M Belcher, J Gutteridge, M Cranstoun, B Lambourne 15-25; J Chamberlain, G Clinch, T Reid, B Evans 17-24; F Benham, L Mitton, T Beaumont, G Kennedy 17-20.

WARGRAVE LADIES triumphed by 44 shots to 41 in their clash with TWYFORD on Thursday of last week.

In a close match the rink of Pam Jails, Ann Pope and skip Phyl Edwards triumphed 17-7. In their latest KLX match WARGRAVE went down 56-36 against WINDSOR despite winning on two rinks.

The winning rinks for Wargrave were that of Keith Sykes, John Avery and skip Clive Winfield who triumphed 14-10 and Bryan Byott, David Smith and skip Roger Prew who won 16-14.

WARGRAVE relinquished the Loudwater Trophy after holding the cup for two years on Sunday. LOUDWATER ran out 66-61 winners in a match that saw Wargrave win two of the four rinks.

The winning Wargrave rinks, who both won 18-10, were that of Sam Morrison, Mary Trussler and Ken Brooks and Mary Coster, Phyl Edwards and John Chater.

On Tuesday of last week WATLINGTON LADIES defeated SOUTH OXFORD in a triples match.

Scores (Watlington names): Rosemary Lewis, Mary Trimmer, Anne Evins 20-1; Jo Trott, Margaret Silvey, Carol Nall 17-16; Margaret Bruce, Joyce Franklin, Caroline Gould 15-14.

On Saturday WATLINGTON defeated HAZELLS in a triples match where they won on four of the five rinks, with an overall score of 84-74.

Scores (Watlington names): Caroline Gould, Mick Saunders, Neil Brown 12-20; Sue Morgan, Caroline Auger, Gordon Hooker 23-15; Raymond Jackson, Joyce Franklin, David Byers 16-12; Margaret Bruce, Dave Auger, John Lewis 19-14; Rosemary Lewis, Bob Thomas, Henry Franklin 14-13.

On Sunday WATLINGTON played their annual club triples day match. This is an internal bowling day when each triple plays five ends against all the other triples. The winning triple was that of Caroline Gould, Neil Brown and Gordon Hooker.

On Monday in the county chapionships WATLINGTON’S Steve Gilkes and Shane Cooper beat HENLEY’S Maurice Robins and Barrie Davies 24-14 while Bob Gilkes with Gordon Hooker beat OXFORD’S Garry Watts and Paul Ilott 26-17.

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