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Henley suffer mixed fortunes in Oddfellows mixed triples league

HENLEY took the honours in their home clash with PEPPARD in the Oddfellows mixed triples league

HENLEY took the honours in their home clash with PEPPARD in the Oddfellows mixed triples league match on Wednesday of last week.

The hosts won four of the five rinks as they triumphed 118-57 to pick up 10 league points to the visitors’ two.

The rink of A Scott, V Rees and F Powell pulled off the biggest victory as they won 37-7 which included a hot shot on the seventh end.

Scores (Henley names): A Scott, V Rees, F Powell 37-7; J Bonar, W Outram, B Davies 20-9; D Smith, J Thompson, D Silvester 22-9; R Kingston, D Burdon, G Robins 27-10; A Crisa, M Robins, C Ward 12-22.

On Sunday, in the same competition, HENLEY went down 93-65 to HURST as they won on two of the five rinks. The visitors picked up eight league points to Henley’s four.

Scores (Henley names): B Davies, S Daniells, R Sayer 7-28; A Crisa, A Scott, F Powell 21-11; J Thompson, C Blakeway, D Silvester 15-16; J Bonar, M Robins, C Ward 8-28; R Kingston, N Daniells, G Robins 14-10.

SHIPLAKE played their annual in-house drawn fours competition on Sunday which consisted of eight teams playing six ends with the two teams scoring the highest amount of points meeting in the final.

In the final, Barrie Evans’ four scored a five on the first end to put them in the driving seat of which Daphne Jacob’s four never recovered, going down by 11 shots, conceding on the fifth end.

The winning team consisted of Eric Davis, Sonya Stretch, Phil Buckett and Barrie Evans with the runners up Maureen Woodard, Claire Gutteridge, Wendy Cross and Daphne Jacob.

SHIPLAKE defeated visitors BICESTER in Division 1 of the Oxford League on Thursday of last week by 79 shots to 65 to gain four points to the visitors’ two.

The rink skipped by Barrie Evans got off to a reasonable start but faltered badly in the middle of the match, not scoring for seven ends, before hitting back to win six of the last seven. However, two shots for the visitors on the last gave them victory.

Graham Kennedy’s four struggled from the start, and were never on level terms, eventually going down by eight shots.

Barry Lambourne’s rink got away to a flier, establishing a healthy lead, and despite dropping five shots on the last two ends won comfortably by seven shots. The stars of the evening for the home side were the rink led by Jim Bland, who put 17 shots on the board without reply and ran out easy winners by that amount.

Scores (Shiplake names): P Christmas, M Cranstoun, T Reid, B Evans 16-18; F Benham, D Bullock, T Beaumont, G Kennedy 15-23; M Belcher, L Mitton, M Shepherd, B Lambourne 21-14; B Copp, R Pitcher, D Webb, J Bland 27-10.

SHIPLAKE triumphed 93-71 away to UNIVERSITY OF READING in the Oddfellows League.

Winning on three rinks and losing on two this gave the villagers eight points to the hosts’ four.

Scores (Shiplake names): S Reid, P Buckett, D Webb 11-13; J Munnelly, S Blackmore, D Jacob 25-12; M Woodard, M Cranstoun, T Beaumont 19-14; S Cranstoun, M Lovejoy, M Shepherd 15-17; J Buckett, G Clinch, G Kennedy 23-15.

THREE MILE CROSS got their revenge on SHIPLAKE when they met recently and won by 30 shots (106-76) at Memorial Avenue in a match that saw the rinks shared.

Scores (Shiplake names): J Webb, D Buckett, P Main, D Bullock 12-19; S Stretch, D Lloyd, M Bullock 10-25; E Davis, M Barnett, J Snook, D Webb 22-13; A Main, W Buss, S Pitcher, P Mansfield 16-27.

SHIPLAKE entertained SUTTONS in a five rink mixed friendly and came out on top by 15 shots (100-85), winning on three of the five rinks played.

Scores (Shiplake names): W Buss, E Davis, R Copp, T Reid 24-15; M Bullock, D Harris, M Lovejoy, R Pitcher 19-11; D Lloyd, D Buckett, P Mansfield, W Cross 10-26; S Stretch, S Cranstoun, M Cranstoun, M Stafford 34-11; B Copp, V Harris, J Munnelly, D Bullock 13-22.

SHIPLAKE eased to a comfortable Oddfellows League victory against GORING last Saturday as they triumphed 123-61 to secure all 12 points.

After a shaky start Trevor Beaumont settled down to finish up plus eight. Playing catch-up for the first eight ends Daphne Jacob then stormed ahead to win by 17. Picking up a seven on the eighth end Graham Kennedy cruised home by 15.

Barrie Evans trailed until the 15th, then scored 10 in the last three ends to win comfortably by 11. David Webb struggled in the early part but then took the lead at the eighth where his opponents only scored three more shots for the rest of the game; Shiplake scored at will to romp home by 12.

Scores (Shiplake names): J Webb, R Pitcher, T Beaumont 22-14; F Benham, G Clinch, D Jacob 26-9; M Bullock, D Bullock, G Kennedy 26-11; M Woodard, A Reid, B Evans 27-16; J Munnelly, S Blackmore, D Webb 23-11.

On Wednesday of last week WATLINGTON played triples matches in the Oxfordshire county competitions.

At City and County club in Oxford Mark Plested, Gordon Hooker and Bob Gilkes triumphed as did Ron Slater, Les Westcott and Adie Twinn at South Oxford.

At home, the Watlington triple Vic Webb, Dave Auger and Steve Gilkes beat South Oxford. They all therefore progress to the next round.

Unfortunately a clean sweep eluded Watlington when Sam Watts, Chris Gilkes and Shane Cooper narrowly lost at Headington.

WATLINGTON ran out 83-77 winners away to CAVERSHAM in the Plomer Cup on Saturday where they won on two rinks, lost on two and drew one. Watlington secured seven points to Caversham’s five.

Scores (Watlington names): Joyce Franklin, Mick Evins, John Lewis 16-16; Muriel Smith, Bob Thomas, Henry Franklin 16-21; Mary Trimmer, Carol Nall, David Byers 14-19; Caroline Gould, Mick Saunders, Les Westcott 22-8; Anne Evins, Neil Brown, Ron Slater 15-13.

On Sunday in the champion-of-champions competition, WATLINGTON’S David Byers beat last year’s title holder Kevin Alder, of West Witney 21-17.

In the afternoon WATLINGTON played at home against HAGBOURNE in a friendly three triples match and won 78-57, although each side won on two rinks.

Scores (Watlington names): Margaret Silvey, Gordon Hooker, Mick Saunders 19-11; Mary Trimmer, Henry Franklin, Bob Thomas 23-17; Alan Silvey, Les Westcott, Carol Nall 14-19; Vic Webb, David Byers, David Breden 22-10.

On the same day Watlington bowlers Sam Watts, Chris Gilkes and Shane Cooper were playing at Croydon in the U25 two fours competition, for Oxfordshire.

The county side defeated Berkshire in the morning before beating Kent in the afternoon, 40-39, a side that included Middleton Cup skips, three international players and their world champion-of-champions.

Oxfordshire will now play in the last four county teams in the national championships at Leamington Spa later in the year.

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