Thursday, 24 June 2021

Back—to—back Plomer Cup wins for Watlington sides

HENLEY ran out 131—110 winners in a mixed six—rinks friendly match at home to LONDON BOWLS

HENLEY ran out 131—110 winners in a mixed six—rinks friendly match at home to LONDON BOWLS SECRETARIES ASSOCIATION CLUB on Thursday of last week.

Each club won on three of the six rinks but Henley ran out winners overall due in no small part to the 19 point margin achieved by John Eatwell’s rink.

Henley’s newest member Trish Jones played in her first match and was also on a winning rink skipped by Barrie Davies.

Scores (Henley names): T Jones, D Smith, D Palmer, B Davies 21—13; J Rees, M Johnson, D Woodford, J Eatwell 35—17; J Cross, V Rees, K Lawrance, A Scott 26—20; B Sherwood, J Woodford, T Dombey, R Sayer 14—16; W Outram, M Johnson, W Snelgrove, R Kingston 18—19; A Crisa, D Maybury, J Hawthorne, C Ward 17—25.

Henley held their annual yardstick competition on Sunday which was well attended, played throughout the day with the ladies’ and mens’ finals contested respectively by Angelika Crisa and Di Woodford and Colin Ward and Barrie Davies. Woodford secured the ladies’ title and Davies the men’s.

Each of the finals was closely contested and decided on the last end the ladies by a single shot the mens by a margin of two shots.

SHIPLAKE triumphed at GORING last Saturday by 79 shots to 46 to secure all 12 points from their Oddfellows triples league encounter.

Not until the fifth end did Jim Bland for Shiplake put any shots on the board and was behind all afternoon until the last three ends when he picked up eight to win by five. Graham Kennedy was 12—1 up after seven ends and then Goring matched the scoring from then on but to no avail as the visitors won by eight.

Trevor Beaumont was level up to the seventh but then took the mat up to play to a shorter jack — this proved decisive as the hosts only scored four more with the Shiplake four amassing 33.

Scores (Shiplake names): M Stafford, B Copp, D Jacob, J Bland 25—20; K Bland, M Belcher, G Clinch, G Kennedy 21—13; M Bullock, M Lovejoy, D Bullock, T Beaumont 33—13.

WATLINGTON eased to a comfortable 109—56 victory at DIDCOT on Wednesday of last week in a Plomer Cup five triples match

The visitors won on four of the rinks played as they picked up 10 points to the hosts’ two.

Scores (Watlington names): Caroline Gould, Mick Saunders, David Byers 27—10; Rosemary Lewis, Mick Evins, Henry Franklin 7—16; Sid Andrews, Carol Nall, John Lewis 28—8; Joyce Franklin, William Smith, Gordon Hooker 27—15; Anne Evins, Bob Thomas, Bob Gilkes 20—7.

WATLINGTON continued their success in the Plomer Cup on Sunday as a weakened side defeated visiting side CAVERSHAM 94—70. With a weakened team, Watlington won on three of the five rinks. Again, the last five ends were important. Watlington ran out winners to secure eight points to Caversham’s four.

Scores (Watlington names): Joyce Franklin, Keith Clayton, John Lewis 24—9; Rosemary Lewis, William Smith, Neil Brown 26—11; Muriel Smith, Alan Silvey, David Byers 10—15; Caroline Gould, Dave Breden, Mick Saunders 17—15; Margaret Silvey, Sid Andrews, Henry Franklin 17—20.

WARGRAVE triumphed 83—71 away to READING B in the Kennet League last week to secure 10 points to four.

In a friendly match WARGRAVE LADIES lost out 40—20 to READING in a two triples match.

On Wednesday of last week WARGRAVE lost out 83—62 at home to WEXHAM in a four mixed triples match.

Wargrave won on one rink, drew on one and lost on two. The Wargrave winning rink was made up of Peter Campbell, Jean Burton and Ken Brooks.

On Saturday WARGRAVE drew 81—81 at home to HENLEY in a five mixed triples match. The best winning rink for Wargrave was that of Hilde Jones, Dave Smith and Ken Brooks being skip.

Scores (Henley names): J Edwards, W Outram, N Daniells 21—13; H Beaumont, M Robins, R Kingston 8—20; J Cross, K Lawrance, A Scott 18—18; M Johnson, J Woodford, C Ward 14—13; D Maybury, M Johnson, S Daniells 20—17.

In the KLX League, WARGRAVE lost out 47—39 at CROWTHORNE in a three triples match.

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