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Shiplake mix it up to defeat visiting county ladies side

SHIPLAKE bowler and OXFORDSHIRE LADIES president, Wendy Cross, brought her ladies‘ team to her own

SHIPLAKE bowler and OXFORDSHIRE LADIES president, Wendy Cross, brought her ladies‘ team to her own home green to play a six rinks match on Tuesday but was beaten by the mixed team of the hosts by 43 shots (121-78).

Daphne Jacob, also an Oxfordshire Ladies bowler, went down by one in a tight game. David Bullock, although dropping a six on the 18th, came home by seven. In a runaway victory, Jim Bland took the lead on the third and never looked back, winning by 19.

David Webb, who was behind up to the 18th when he took the lead by one, won the rest of the ends to win by five. Barrie Evans, like Daphne Jacob, lost by one, also in a very tight game. Never behind after the first end, Graham Kennedy won by nine despite losing the last six ends.

Scores (Shiplake names first): J Webb, J Snook, S Cranstoun, D Jacob 18, V Hodkinson, L Cooper, M Alderson, J Berry 19; M Bullock, D Buckett, S Blackmore, D Bullock 22, J Bone, J Fountain, G Muir, W Cross 15; K Bland, E Robinson, R Pitcher, J Bland 29, M Morris, P Willoughby, M Osborne, B Haward 5; V Harris, D Lloyd, R Copp, D Webb 17, P Faulkner, D Faulkner, R Cox, A Gilkes 12; W Copp, S Reid, L Mitton, B Evans 14, J Thompson, J Futter, C Bloomfield, C Penson 15; P Christmas, S Stretch, J Stafford, G Kennedy 21, M Stacey, V Rees, M Dalton, S Crick 12.

SHIPLAKE defeated visitors BANBURY CENTRAL on Thursday of last week in their Division 1 Oxfordshire Bowls League clash by 96 shots to 47.5 to secure all six points.

The Banbury team could only raise 14 players which meant that they conceded a quarter of their final points scored on two rinks.

Scores (Shiplake names): M Belcher, J Gutteridge, M Shepherd, B Lambourne 28-11.25; B Copp, R Pitcher, D Webb, J Bland 30-10; F Benham, D Bullock, T Beaumont, G Kennedy 22-12; J Munnelly, G Clinch, T Reid, B Evans 16-14.25.

HENLEY ran out winners by 76 shots to 53 on Thursday of last week in a men‘s friendly at MAIDENHEAD TOWN. The visitors won on three of the four rinks played.

Scores (Henley names): D Palmer, N Daniells, C Ward 26-7; J Cross, K Lawrance, R Sayer 15-19; J Woodford, A Scott, D Silvester 15-14; R Kingston, L Snelgrove, B Davies 20-13.

HENLEY triumphed by 86 shots to 80 in their home Oddfellows Mixed Triples League match with GORING on Saturday.

Henley picked up six league points from the match which saw the visitors win on three of the five rinks played.

Scores (Henley names): R Kingston, N Daniells, G Robins 25-7; J Woodford, V Rees, D Silvester 10-17; A Crisa, M Robins, F Powell 8-17; D Smith, S Daniells, A Scott 26-20; J Bonar, D Maybury, B Davies 17-19.

WARGRAVE lost out by 82 shots to 70 in their Kennet League match against MAIDENHEAD TOWN B. Wargrave picked up four points to Maidenhead‘s 10.

In the friendly match against BRACKNELL, WARGRAVE went down to a 93-68 defeat. Wargrave‘s winning rink consisted of Eddie Allan, Sam Morrison and Pete Burton.

WARGRAVE won their KLX League match against WINDSOR AND ETON B despite the match being cut short due to heavy rain. Wargrave triumphed 25-19 to secure eight points to Windsor‘s two.

WARGRAVE had mixed fortunes against CIPPENHAM on Saturday in a Three Chiltern and Thames League match and two friendly games. In the league match Wargrave drew 49-49 overall but lost two of the three rinks. Cippenham picked up six points form the game to Wargrave‘s four.

Wargrave won both of the friendly matches with a score of 36-31. The best winning rink of the day was that of Clive Winfield, Roger Prew and Norah Holder playing in their league match. The overall result on the day saw Wargrave triumph 85-80.

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