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Visitors secure triples league derby honours

HENLEY lost out at home to PALMER PARK on Wednesday of last week in their Oddfellows

HENLEY lost out at home to PALMER PARK on Wednesday of last week in their Oddfellows mixed triples league match played over five rinks.

The visitors triumphed on three of the rinks to run out 93-61 winners and pick up eight league points to Henley’s four.

Scores (Henley names): R Sayer, S Daniells, B Davies 8-18; J Bonar, J Woodford, C Ward 11-28; R Kingston, N Daniells, G Robins 10-19; A Crisa, A Scott, D Silvester 19-18; L Sayer, M Robins, F Powell 13-10.

HENLEY returned to winning ways on Saturday in a mixed triples friendly away to HEADINGTON.

The visitors won on all four rinks as they eased to a comfortable 111-45 victory.

Scores (Henley names): A Scott, M Robins, V Rees 34-9; L Sayer, W Outram, G Robins 24-12; J Rees, S Daniells, R Sayer 29-10; L Snelgrove, T Dombey, N Daniells 24-14.

Returning to the Oddfellows League on Sunday HENLEY lost out by 94 shots to 89 at home to SHIPLAKE.

Henley were leading on four of the five rinks well into the matches but the visitors pulled back to win on three of the five rinks in a closely contested fixture. Henley gained four league points to the visitors’ eight.

Scores (Henley names first): R Kingston, N Daniells, G Robins 28, A Reid, S Blackmore, D Jacob 12; T Dombey, K Lawrance, F Powell 16, J Webb, M Shepherd, D Webb 21; A Crisa, R Sayer, D Silvester 18, M Bullock, D Bullock, W Cross 14; T Jones, M Robins, D Burdon 11, S Cranstoun, R Pitcher, B Evans 27; J Hawthorne, S Daniells, C Ward 16, J Buckett, M Cranstoun, J Bland 20.

Last Thursday evening SHIPLAKE lost out by 93 shots to 67 at BICESTER in the Oxfordshire League and picked up two points to the hosts’ four.

The rink of Barrie Evans held their own for the first third of the tie, but totally capitulated in the second and third periods, losing by a massive 27 shots. Jim Bland’s four never got started and went down by 18 shots.

The remaining two rinks provided good news for Shiplake. Graham Kennedy’s rink led from start to finish winning by six shots. Barry Lambourne’s rink dominated their hosts and won easily by 13 shots.

The two points gained ensured safety for the Shiplake team who remain in Division 1 next year whilst their hosts had already been relegated.

Scores (Shiplake names): P Christmas, D Lloyd, T Reid, B Evans 9-36; B Copp, R Pitcher, D Webb, J Bland 12-30; F Benham, L Mitton, D Bullock, G Kennedy 22-16; J Chamberlain, J Gutteridge, J Munnelly, B Lambourne 24-11.

Making the short journey to PEPPARD on Wednesday evening of last week, SHIPLAKE strolled to a 127-50 victory in a joint Oddfellows League and Plomer Cup encounter.

Graham Kennedy won the last six ends without reply to win by 12. After 11 ends there was only three shots difference until Barrie Evans scored 16 in the last few ends to win comfortably. Twelve shots up at the eighth end Daphne Jacob weathered the fight back to come home by 11.

Jim Bland got off to a good start and never looked back, winning by 17. Scoring a seven on the second gave Barry Lambourne a good lead, one that he never relinquished, winning by the highest margin of the evening by 20.

Scores (Shiplake names): W Buss, D Bullock, G Kennedy 20-8; S Cranstoun, T Reid, B Evans 25-8; J Munnelly, G Clinch, D Jacob 27-16; J Buckett, F Benham, J Bland 25-8; M Bullock, M Cranstoun, B Lambourne 30-10.

WARGRAVE ran out 83-76 winners against READING UNIVERSITY in their home match in the Kennet League on Tuesday of last week.

The hosts had wins on three of the four rinks as they secured 12 points to the visitors’ two. The best winning rink was that of Rod King, Sam Morrison, Keith Sykes and Barry Holder.

On Wednesday of last week WARGRAVE lost out by 97 shots to 58 away at READING. The visitors won on just one rink, that of Christine Rogers, Dave Smith and Mike Pope.

WARGRAVE suffered a heavy KLX defeat on Friday of last week against MAIDENHEAD TOWN by 67 shots to 39. Wargrave’s only winning rink was that of Sam Morrison, Keith Sykes and John Avery.

WARGRAVE triumphed against BASSETSBURY MANOR on Saturday in a CT and friendly match.

Wargrave won all three of the CT games as they triumphed 56-43. The best winning rink was that of Ray Trussler, Peter Burton and Norah Holder.

A below-strength WATLINGTON side lost out in a friendly match at home to THAME on Sunday by 98 shots to 88.

On four of the five rinks the scores were close, Thame winning on one rink by one shot; Watlington winning three by two, three and four shots. The match decider was Thame winning one rink by 18 shots.

Scores (Watlington names): Raymond Jackson, David Holland (Thame), John Lewis, David Byers 17-15; Caroline Gould, Caroline Auger, William Smith, Bob Gilkes 19-20; Joyce Franklin, Jo Trott, Alan Silvey, Neil Brown 12-30; Margaret Silvey, Sid Andrews, Dave Breden, Henry Franklin 20-17; Rosemary Lewis, Charles Rhodes, Mick Saunders, Dave Auger 20-16.

WATLINGTON beat SOUTH OXFORD on Friday of last week by 55 shots to 27 in the Hawker Cup to set up a quarter-final date with West Witney.

Watlington are still hoping to be promoted in the Oxfordshire Men’s league from Division 2 to join Shiplake in Division 1.

Scores (Watlington names): Vic Webb, Ron Slater, Gordon Hooker, Bob Gilkes 30-10; Sam Watts, Dave Auger, Adie Twinn, Chris Gilkes 25-17.

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