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Respecting each child's individuality is key

Respecting each child's individuality is key

TWENTY-FIVE years ago, Jenny Blain opened the doors to the Denning Montessori Nursery and Forest School in Fawley, bringing Montessori to the Henley area.

She could have been located anywhere, but she chose Fawley because it was the “stand-out location”, described by one of the UK’s leading Montessorians as “paradise” for children, and is just seven minutes from Henley town centre.

The nursery has always been about quality over quantity, and some parents have said it is one of Henley’s best-kept secrets. It is no ordinary nursery school, but that difference comes from a combination of a large number of different factors that added together make it unique and extra special.

It has had a profound impact on the lives of children and parents that runs deep.

The school’s ethos and values are driven by Jenny Blain’s desire to respect each child as a unique individual and to give them the very best start in life.

People notice the difference between Denning Montessori children and others — big follow-on schools have frequently talked about it, as have parents and indeed the children themselves.

Ex-Denning children are typically happy, confident and well-balanced with high self-esteem, a love of learning and the life skills to be able to get on in life and to fulfil their potential. With free entitlement, it is affordable.

For more information, email Denning Montessori founder and principal Jenny Blain at jenny@denningmontessori, call 07982 620710 or visit

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