Thursday, 09 April 2020

New toys and outdoor play area make learning fun

New toys and outdoor play area make learning fun

THE staff and children at Treetops nursery are very excited after Countryside Nurseries invested £20,000 in toys to enhance children’s learning and development.

The new equipment supports babies’ physical development as they become mobile and toddlers’ creative and imaginative play.

The preschool children love to choose their own materials to create artwork and are building amazing and imaginative constructions in the large block area.

The highlight of our new development is our outdoor play area which now has a colourful rubber surface and has been enhanced with water play, mud kitchen and teepees. The children are particularly enjoying removing their shoes and socks to play in the huge outdoor sandpit.

The skilled and experienced staff team can provide many more exciting activities for the children and say that “the children are really happy and much more expressive and creative in their play”.

The most common reaction from the parents has been “Wow! there’s so much for the children to do!”

From September, children aged three and four years old will be able to access 30 hours of funded childcare.

This makes childcare more affordable so that more children will benefit from the high-quality childcare at Treetops.

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