Saturday, 23 October 2021

Tots love to rock!

Babies were born to love music!

Babies were born to love music!

During our Monkey Music Rock ‘n’ Roll classes, which are aimed specifically at babies from three months to one year, we provide a stimulating musical environment which uses music to help your baby develop socially and emotionally, physically, language skills and creativity.

These sessions are themed around the everyday life of a very little baby and engage the little ones through gentle songs (with exciting props for visual stimulation), simple movement and lots of rocking and bouncing songs with a strong pulse to help develop rhythm even at this early age.

A baby’s hearing is mature by the end of the first month and so interesting and unusual instruments such as energy chimes, boomwackers and spring drums play a big part in our classes. Babies love playing our lovely colourful bells and maracas and also learn lots of ways to enjoy the drums.

There are three further age groups to continue your babies’ musical journey and it is a great way to make friends so please call Val on 01635 860959 or email for your free introductory session.

We are delighted to have been nominated in two categories for the Whatson4littlesones annual awards. Please visit our website at for more information.

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