Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Mandarin lessons are just the start

CHILDREN at the Denning Montessori School are excited as they have been learning Mandarin.

CHILDREN at the Denning Montessori School are excited as they have been learning Mandarin.

Jenny Blain, the school’s founder and principal, says: “The Denning Montessori School have always been pioneers.

“Since bringing the Montessori method of education to Henley 25 years ago, we’ve always tried to be ahead of the game, pushing the boundaries, adapting to changes in the world, and trying out new things, which is aligned to our deep desire to be leaders in nurture, and to offer children the very best start in life.

“Since our school opened, China has been rising in global significance. It now has a population just short of 1.4 billion and is the world’s second largest economy, roughly four times greater than the UK.

“It is likely to remain one of the most significant countries in the world, in the children’s lifetime.

“Whilst we have always been very strong on cultural education, and have for many years celebrated the Chinese New Year, and had Chinese visitors to the school, the addition of regular Mandarin lessons takes things one step further.

“Children’s early years are a wonderful time for learning new things — their minds are like absorbent sponges. Starting teaching languages early on makes sense.

“Learning at the Denning Montessori School is always fun, and we find children are really enjoying counting, greetings and meeting their new toy Mandarin friends each week in Mandarin lessons.”

Henley-based Jenny Griffin, the school’s Mandarin teacher, is a familiar face at the school as for many years she has been visiting during the Chinese New Year.

She privately tutors older children in Mandarin also.

For more information on life at the Denning Montessori School, visit www.denningmontessori

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