Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Farmer wins award for generosity

AN award has been presented to a Henley landowner for allowing a camping and caravan club

AN award has been presented to a Henley landowner for allowing a camping and caravan club to use his site for more than 40 years.

Billy Pinches, who owns Meadows Farm, off Marlow Road, was honoured by the Royal County of Berkshire District Association.

The cut glass award was presented by chairman Edward Lambourne and Maureen Straker, vice-chairwoman and secretary of the association, in front of more than 60 campers.

Mr Pinches and his wife Jo are planning to sell their land and move to Herefordshire to be nearer their daughter and grandchildren following the death of his father Peter in December.

He said: “This club is actually like an extension of my family now — I get so much abuse! For me the banter is incredible, it’s like a comfortable pair of slippers, we always have a laugh.

“I’d like to thank all the stewards, not only the ones here but the ones who aren’t, because they do a sterling job.”

Mr Lambourne told guests they had seen people from all over the country at the site during this year’s Henley Royal Regatta and Henley Festival, and even those from Finland, Germany and Monaco.

His father and past chairman Graham Lambourne paid tribute to Billy. He said: “This site goes back many, many years.

“We have lots of happy memories with this place and these are the sort of places where those memories are made and it’s all down to people like Billy who allow us to use their land.”

Steward Ann Ellis said: “It’s grown in popularity to what you see today, to many units coming here and we always love the area.

“There’ll never be another man like Billy and I’m sure the district association is very thankful to him and Jo and, of course, all the other landowners who let us carry out our favourite hobby.

She added: “We have had some lovely times here, you’ll be sorely missed young man.”

Mrs Ellis recalled that after an operation on her knees some years ago, Mr Pinches bought her a parrot to put on her shoulder. The only problem was this parrot came out with a range of vile abuse!” she said. 

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