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Top tips to help sellyour home in autumn

WHERE’S our Indian summer gone? It’s now time to think about readying our houses and gardens

WHERE’S our Indian summer gone? It’s now time to think about readying our houses and gardens for a frosty reception.

Now is the optimum time to address any issues ahead of the colder weather and here are some tips, tricks and helpful information, to help you buy or sell your home.


Clean the frames whether they’re wood, plastic or stone. Gunk builds up, no matter how dirt-proof your windows. In particular, wooden ones will start to rot if not looked after carefully.

A well-diluted solution of detergent and a soft cloth will do the trick, or for something more eco, try a weak solution of vinegar and baking powder.

Wear gloves to protect your hands. While you’re at it... give the panes a clean too. You’ll want to get out there less and less as the temperature takes a dive.


Service the boiler now, rather than leaving it until you actually need to turn it on. Major boiler repairs or replacing an ignored boiler can be costly, so get yours serviced annually.

While you’re at it... check your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms work. If you’re in a rented property, you are now responsible for making sure safety checks are carried out.


Check out areas of your home you don’t use on a daily basis. Is there any damp or mildew in the loft, cellar or anywhere else? If so, get it sorted pronto before it turns into something nasty.

While you’re at it.. throw stuff away from the attic that is so unnecessary that you’ve forgotten it even exists!


Walk around the outside of your house to check for stains on the walls, and fix any cracked pipes and drains. These are not only potentially disasterous but also aren’t a good look.

While you’re at it... touch up any flaking patches of wall with masonry paint.


Remove heavy moss from the roof. Also inspect painted metalwork every couple of years and renew it when it is in danger of starting to crack and peel.

While you’re at it... Check for any loose roof tiles before the winter winds have a chance to dislodge anything.


Get up on a ladder. Make sure fallen leaves haven’t blocked the gutters, leading to water pouring down the outside walls and producing damp patches.

While you’re up there... keep a watchful eye on pointing (mortar that has been placed between bricks to hold them together) and if necessary get it fixed.


Apart from preparing your lawn and plants for winter, and putting away/covering garden furniture, now’s a good time to tackle any slippery algae growth on garden paths. It’s only going to get greener as the colder weather sets in!

While you’re at it... a bit of weeding goes a long way at this time of year as less sun means they’re slower to grow.

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