Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Doctors to provide cosmetic procedures

DOCTORS at a Henley practice have set up a cosmetic surgery clinic.

Mariette Grant and Philip Unwin are partners at the NHS-funded Hart Street surgery but have decided to branch out.

Henley Medical Aesthetics is run from the clinical rooms at the surgery. It offers cosmetic skin treatments and minor surgical procedures including Botox, facial fillers and facelifts.

Dr Grant, 35, who has worked at the surgery for three years, said: We are seeing lots of businessmen in their late Forties or early Fifties asking for treatments because they want to be able to compete with younger business people.

We do minor surgical procedures like removing unwanted moles and tags on the skin and patients have mentioned that they would like further improvement.

I had one patient say she wanted a procedure and her family said to go and speak to a professional but she didn’t know where to start and was so pleased that she could stay with us.

Dr Grant, from Bourne End, said that aesthetic procedures had become more mainstream and she did not want to miss out.

She said: There has been a lot in the news about regulating aesthetic procedures. We were thinking that we are doctors dealing with minor surgical procedures so why not expand and offer our patients these treatments so they are carried out by people they know and trust?

The Royal College of Practitioners offers courses to train doctors in Botox and filler treatments. It has a really big role to play in overall wellbeing, it is not just a frivolous thing. We are not interested in just making money or selling treatments.

For more information, call (01491) 843232.

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