Monday, 18 October 2021

New bedroom trends are all about the ‘hotel’ look

AS March is National Bed Month, this week we have decided to focus on the bedroom — and how to make it a sanctuary.

2013 and previous years were filled with fun colour combinations and vibrant patterns. In 2014, things are expected to calm down a bit as the bedroom trends lean toward neutral schemes. Increasingly popular options include all-white walls, bedding and more with slight colour accents. Tans, creams and greys will also make appearances in 2014, keeping the entire bedroom calm and easy to switch out with smaller and less permanent bright accents.

As homeowners lean toward a neutral colour scheme in their bedrooms, 2014 will also be the year of mixing textures to add pizzazz to the rooms. Metals, various textured and stained woods, glass, upholstery and marble will all be found in 2014’s bedroom decor.

The most common accent colours will come from pretty pastels. Softer pinks and blues are among the more popular hues available.

With neutral colour palettes in the bedroom, this is also the year when wallpaper makes a comeback. Using wallpaper is an easy and non-permanent way to add colour, and it allows your bedroom to show a bit of style with various colours and patterns.

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