Monday, 20 September 2021

Summer is the time to sell at auction

ON one of the hottest days of the year Romans Auctions demonstrated again that summer is definitely the right time to sell, with an 88 per cent success rate.

All of the property and land lots, except one, were successfully sold in another busy auction sales room.

Simon Clayton, auctions director at Romans, said: “Our catalogue contained a diverse collection of lots, ranging from a rare to find piece of woodland in Surrey and houses for renovation in Reading, Wargrave, Overton and Bracknell, to an area of land with potential for a building plot in Lower Basildon, and there were buyers for all of them.

“I’m particularly pleased with the prices we achieved on the larger lots today which shows that there are plenty of people with money to invest in prime areas.”

He added: “Despite recent media reports that the market may be cooling down a little we saw no evidence of this and we have already received instructions on a number of large houses which will be offered at our next auction in September.”

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