Saturday, 19 June 2021

Video: A wee problem for Henley on Thames?

A HENLEY councillor forced a dog walker to scrub the pavement outside her shop after the woman’s pet urinated on her flowers.

Joan Bland confronted the woman when she heard “gushing” coming from outside Asquiths teddy bear shop on the corner of Bell Street and New Street.

After giving her a stern rebuke, she handed the woman a bucket and broom and asked her to clean up.

Clr Bland said: “I was indoors when I heard what sounded like gushing water and realised it must be a dog urinating. It was going into my plants and actually burnt them.

“I told the woman this was my shop and how would she like a dog to pee on her doorstep? I’ve now got to cut back the flowers because they’re damaged.

“I gave her a big broom and two buckets of water and it didn’t take her very long to sweep it away.” Cllr Bland says she confronted the dog walker last month because she was fed up with dog mess outside her shop.

She said: “The problem is that I’ve had to throw away so many brooms from cleaning up excrement and vomit from outside my shop. I think it’s absolutely wrong allowing your dog to pee on doorsteps because it can easily drip into the shop.

“I used to have a dog myself and it’s outrageous that people allow them to leave urine and excrement everywhere.

“Most dog owners are responsible and at least this lady cleaned it up but she wasn’t apologetic and said, ‘what can I do about it?’ I thought that was crazy, if you see your dog doing that you pull them away to the gutter.

“The lady told me she is responsible and picks up her dog’s mess but I said she isn’t responsible if she’s allowing it to pee in my plants.”

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