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Burglary victim now sells stylish security bars

A WOMAN who disturbed a burglar trying to break into her house has started her own business designing decorative security

A WOMAN who disturbed a burglar trying to break into her house has started her own business designing decorative security bars.

Jo Flowers, 51, received so many compliments about the bars she made for her home in Hambleden that she has decided to design more for other people.

The attempted break-in happened in November when she was ill in bed.

She had heard a patting noise coming from the bathroom window which she thought was her cat, Hendrix, who uses it to enter the house.

Miss Flowers, a life coach, said: “I got out of bed, groping along in the dark, and flung open the window, calling my cat.

“All of a sudden I thought, ‘that sounds far too heavy to be my cat’ and I opened my eyes properly and I saw this man running off.

“He obviously thought there was nobody here because all the lights were off.”

After this experience, Miss Flowers began to feel unsafe at the home she shares with her 11-year-old son Rafe when she hit on the idea of the security bars. She said: “I wasn’t sleeping properly and even the slightest sounds would send me spinning into total paroxysms of panic, which isn’t like me as I’m not a neurotic person.

“I thought adding bars to my lovely house would be an absolute travesty, a crime, but I didn’t know what else I could do.

“As I was measuring up the window, I thought this was an unconventional house and unconventional bars could be an option so I sat down and sketched a design which was in keeping with the house but also secure.”

Miss Flowers then rang a local blacksmith who produced her steel design, which enables the window to be opened and closed as normal.

She said: “It was made to suit a Victorian-style window and it includes leaves which add something to it but they are completely impenetrable. I had a few friends ask me to design bars for their houses and I realised there was a service I can provide for people, understanding their houses, understanding their designs and understanding their individual tastes, and fusing it all together to create something which is unique yet secure.

“The idea is that they are completely in keeping with people’s houses and their personal tastes rather than just taking a design and making it fit.”

Her business, Stylishly Secure, creates bars which are made to measure and can be spray-painted any colour.

Miss Flowers says creating something positive out of a frightening experience is something she is proud of.

“One of my philosophies is that life throws you challenges and it’s less about the challenges and more about the way challenges impact on you,” she said.

“I’m not cowering under my bed with a pistol under my pillow getting upset about what happened. I was massively resistant to installing bars but what I have now is a piece of art in my window.”

For more information, call Miss Flowers on (01491) 637827 or 07951 278706.

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