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Onward march of 50 shades hits kitchen design

DARK wood is on its way out, glass is on its way up while grey — in all its 50

DARK wood is on its way out, glass is on its way up while grey — in all its 50 shades — is coming on very strong indeed. That’s the latest word on the street about kitchen design, according to B&Q, the home improvement retailer.

“Modern kitchen design trends for 2013 will reflect the growing popularity of cooking and eating at home,” says a spokesman for the DIY chain.

“Saving money, improving health, having more fun entertaining and a love for homemade meals make cooking a hobby that requires professional, attractive and functional kitchen designs.”

They go on to say that cherrywood is in decline, while other solid woods such as birch, oak, walnut, bamboo and rustic finishes will be the new norms for cabinetry in 2013.

Another up-and-coming trend is for a more eclectic look — the mix and match — with materials and finishes that combine dark and lighter tones. This can be applied to both cabinetry and work surfaces — one of the most popular designs is for pale base cabinets with darker wall units or dark furniture on an island.

But there’s been no getting away from the colour grey this year and in 2013 it’s going to be even bigger. It’s the new neutral for interiors and goes well with anything — modern, traditional, muted or colourful.

Another huge trend for 2013 will be wall murals, most usually in the form of a tiled or textured wall, which works beautifully as a focal point behind white or pale cabinetry. B&Q also forecasts that designers will be replacing white and cream with green, using it as a new take on the old neutrals with a palette of colours built around it.

Coloured glass splashbacks are also set to take kitchens by storm, as they create a sleek, contemporary look that’s easy to clean.

Polished chrome is also coming through for 2013. Brushed nickel is still the most popular hardware finish, but polished chrome is close behind.

Light up your life

LED lighting is also a real trend taking hold in kitchens across the country; it will be most popular for accent lighting, such as under cabinets.

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