Tuesday, 28 September 2021

New tea room for Sonning Common

A VINTAGE tea room has opened in Sonning Common.

A VINTAGE tea room has opened in Sonning Common.

The Bay Trees in Wood Lane is owned by Beverly Dobson, who also owns Daisy?s Coffee Shop at the Herb Farm.

It is equipped with china, table clothes and napkins bought from antique shops and vintage dealers.

The café stocks newspapers from the early 20th century for customers to read and plays music from the Twenties.

Ms Dobson, of Green Lane, said she wanted to provide an alternative meeting place. She said: ?Daisy?s is a successful coffee shop but you can?t have the same attention to detail. You can?t have nice china or tablecloths because it would get destroyed.

?This is for people who want to have proper afternoon tea in vintage surroundings. It?s like sitting in someone?s living or dining room.?

The premises, which holds 20 people, is not signposted because the owner wants to retain the ?secret? nature of the afternoon teas.

Ms Dobson, who also chairs the village youth club, said: ?I don?t want it to be too big because it would spoil the effect and I don?t want it to clash with Daisy?s, where we do between 60 and 90 lunches a day.

?Not everyone in the village can get to Daisy?s if they don?t drive. There?s nothing in the village like this and it?s good for people to come in and have their own space. They can walk in and probably see someone they know.?

Coffee mornings will be held every day between 10am and 1pm while ?secret? vintage tea afternoons are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2pm but must be booked.

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