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Colours are always changing, but don’t be afraid to be bold

COLOUR trends change all the time in interior design — one minute it’s neutrals, the next it’s feature walls, writes

COLOUR trends change all the time in interior design — one minute it’s neutrals, the next it’s feature walls, writes Jacky Hayler.

Wallpaper replaces paint techniques then it’s the minimal look. Whatever appeals to you, the easiest way to keep up with the trends is to use accent colours that can have a big impact but be changed without huge effort or cost. We take a look at the up-and-coming choices for 2013.

Grey interiors have become one of the hottest looks of the year and not just because of the world’s favourite steamy novel.

There are plenty of great reasons why, but the one I think is the most interesting has to be based on the great advances in low-energy interior lighting that have allowed the cooler colours in the spectrum to look great in domestic homes at last.

If you love grey, get creative with textures as well as different shades to create a layered interior that challenges the notion that this amazingly versatile colour is cold. Titanium grey shades have cool blue notes that look amazing under low-energy halogen especially when teamed with a contrasting colour, they just fizz with life. A deep titanium grey looks fabulous with rich tangerine orange and can be used to create a wide range of interior styles to suit who you are and how you like to live.

Blue is going to be huge and because of that same advance in interior light quality, just like grey we no longer see it as a cold shade. Clean, crisp, pure and strong, it?s a colour that clears the head and makes you want to start practising straight away for that fun run or marathon next summer.

Indigo is an amazingly gutsy rich colour with the power to delight and transform. As a key colour for the coming year, we will be seeing lots of this beautiful shade filtering through everything from paint to tiles, flooring, fabrics and accessories.

Other emerging trends include:

Colour blast Bright, dynamic primary colours are touted to make an even stronger impression in 2013. Bold and vivid colours mixed with equally bold textures and patterns.

Geometric patterns Chevron patterns seems to be a favourite; from wallpaper, to tile backsplash and from upholstery fabrics to rugs albeit like any bold design statement, less is more.

Warm metals There is a trend towards bronze, copper and brass metal for light fixtures, taps, cabinet hardware, mirrors, coffee tables, lamps, accessories and the “new” brass is muted and slightly more sophisticated with a new patina.

Transparency Transparent materials as a small table decor or a large transparent trunk coffee table, will add a feeling of space to your home.

Natural materials Using organic materials and light textures creates a calming ambiance and by using wood it will follow another trend which has been around for some time and is now on the increase namely sustainable design.

Remember, if it is a new trend, or it doesn’t suit your personality or home, there will always be one that does.

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