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Footballer gives tips on the property game

DURING his longplaying career football legend Robbie Fowler built up an extensive property portfolio.

DURING his longplaying career football legend Robbie Fowler built up an extensive property portfolio.

Through well-advised and shrewd investments in modest properties, Fowler has seen his property business go from strength to strength.

He started property investing while he was still playing football, and by following advice from property experts he soon turned it into a successful career.

Now the Robbie Fowler Property Academy is staging a two-hour seminar at the Penta Hotel, Oxford Road, Reading on Thursday, May 23 with sessions at 12.30pm and 6.30pm. He has joined forces with financial educators Tigrent Learning, who have been at the forefront of investment training in the UK and Ireland for more than 10 years.

Fowler’s lead trainer will run the session where you’ll learn about:

lHow to raise finance to buy property

lThe buy-to-let property market

lHow to spot and negotiate the best deals

lGenerating the motivation and confidence to succeed

lSetting optimistic yet achievable goals

lProperty management

lCreating the right strategy for you

lHow to increase your credit rating

Fowler said: “Investing in property can give you the chance to earn money in your sleep.

“If you train with trusted experts, your ‘sleeping’ or passive income can be as big or small as you want — whether you want a bit of extra cash or a completely new career.

“Whatever your professional or personal circumstances, to be successful in any aspect of your life requires confidence and the right mental attitude.

“Tigrent training not only provides you with trusted expertise built over 10 years in the UK market but also the correct mindset for success.”

Robbie Fowler was born in Toxteth, Liverpool on April 9, 1975 and is best known for being one of the UK’s best-loved football player-manager-commentators and industry experts. Fowler is not only the fourth-highest goal scorer in the history of the Premier League, but he has been capped for England 26 times, scoring seven goals.

To this day, Fowler retains the record for scoring the Premier League’s fastest ever hat-trick, in four minutes and 33 seconds, in the 1995 League Cup Final. During his 20-year career as a professional footballer, Robbie Fowler has played for numerous international clubs around the world, including his beloved home team, Liverpool.

He scored 183 goals in total for Liverpool, 128 of which were scored in the Premier League (162 Premier League goals in total), subsequently playing for Leeds United and Manchester City, before returning to Liverpool in January 2006.

But in addition to his footballing career, Robbie Fowler has demonstrated a flair for entrepreneurship and investing. His property interests prompted an affectionately voiced Manchester City Football Club chant “We all live in a Robbie Fowler house….” sung to the tune of Yellow Submarine — a true testament to the city he grew up in and the home of the Beatles themselves.

Fowler said: “I started my property investment career while I was still playing for Liverpool FC. I knew very little about property then and I was aware that I needed to seek out the very best advisers I could find.

“I continue to search out the very best property investment advice I can find and over the years I had heard the name Tigrent being mentioned by my contacts in the industry many times. So I decided to check them out for myself. The fact that they have been active in the UK for more than 10 years indicates to me that they must be doing something right.”

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