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Go bold, go native or go all shabby chic in the latest bedroom trends

ALTHOUGH we spend much of the time in our bedroom asleep, we also start and end the day there, so

ALTHOUGH we spend much of the time in our bedroom asleep, we also start and end the day there, so when it comes to designing and decorating a bedroom it’s important that the room acts as a stylish, functional space where we feel relaxed and content.

That’s not to say all bedroom designs must follow the calm, muted sanctuary route — the room can also be a bold expression of yourself. Wall colour, lighting and bedroom furniture all set the tone. So whether you’re looking for a quick update or a complete overhaul, get inspired by these beautiful bedroom decorating ideas and create the bedroom of your dreams.

Trends, fashion, and styles are always changing day by day. There are always new ideas that are coming to refresh the styles and trends of our lifestyle including home designs and decoration.

With new materials, decorating technique, colours, accents, patterns and details, now, in 2013 you may find several unique home interior designs that you have never thought before. In terms of bedroom decoration, 2013 bedroom trends are combining the old, traditional and natural styles with the modern and minimalist touch.


Interior designers are now more assertive in using and blending colours for the bedroom. A minimalist interior is probably still the favourite style of 2013 but it is only as the basic. You may still want to create a feeling of as much space as possible with clean lines or geometric accents but white, black and brown are no longer the most popular colour options. Bright colours like red, purple, light green, yellow, turquoise and orange provide the perfect accents and even dominate the latest bedroom trends. By combining them with soft or pastel colours like white or cream, those colours will look warmer and calmer.

Furniture in classic colours is also considered to balance the minimalist style — Rustic Accents Back To Nature is probably the best way to describe what the interior designers do. Several old but unique accents like bricks, wood or terracotta are coming to the fore to enrich the 2013 bedroom design trends. Although many people think that they tend to accentuate a darker atmosphere, for comfort and style in the bedroom, they are really appropriate.

Go Green

International issues like global warming are actually becoming a good inspiration related to the latest bedroom design trends. Now, you can launch the “Go Green” idea in your bedroom. It is better if the room is on the corner of the home so that it is possible for you to put on many big glass windows. Plants inside or outside the room will make it feel fresher and more relaxing. Wall decoration and furniture with green accents will be really perfect — and to take it to the next level introduce an aquarium or small pond in your room to deepen the natural sense.

African Influence

Another concept for 2013 bedroom design trends is inspired by the sense of the wilds of Africa. It is rather similar to the concept of the Go Green bedroom, but in it, you should add animal prints — mainly on the bedroom décor fabric. Furniture made from wood and bamboo are also perfect to combine with leopard or zebra accents. Don’t forget to use big-leafed plants and use wooden tiles for the floor.

Vintage and Shabby Chic

This is most suited to the single woman. Why? Because it will simply fill your bedroom with flowers and lace (which most men hate!) Feminine colours like pink, red, violet and orange are also good as dominant colours. You can also use soft or pastel colours as the basic background for your bedroom.

Don’t forget to add a vase of colourful flowers — either fresh or artificial — to complement this 2013 bedroom design trend.

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