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Boat company adds new British glass-fibre model to its fleet

HENLEY Sales and Charter has added a British boat to its books.

HENLEY Sales and Charter has added a British boat to its books.

English Harbour 16 is the latest addition to the sales arm of the company.

Director Gilliam Nahum said she knew she wanted the 16ft boat as soon as she saw it.

“I fought really hard for the dealership because I think there has been a big gap in the English market for quite a while,” she said.

“All we are seeing are Dutch boats which are good but they are not giving work to British people.

“The boat is so pretty and really practical and I am very, very excited.”

The inboard shaft drive boat is the first to be produced by English Harbour Yachts, based in Oundle.

Both Adam Greenwood, the company’s founder, and his business partner Alan Bowes worked for Fairline for more than two decades before setting up their own company.

Naval officer Andrew Wolstenholme assisted Mr Greenwood with the technical specifications of the hull form.

One of the glass-fibre boat’s most distinguishing features is the handmade mahogany fórcola at its stern.

The feature is more commonly found in Venetian gondolas.

Ms Nahum said: “This is a very beautiful piece which is quite rare to see on a boat of this type.

“It makes it look so elegant.”

Other features include teak flooring, fully-lined lockers all the way round, ice boxes, a plug-in cool bag, low level lighting and a blue underwater light at the back.

The stainless steel trim extends to unseen areas, including the rudder.

Ms Nahum said: “The bits you can’t see, which are very important, are built of the same quality as what you can see.”

The boat is available in both diesel and electric options.

Mr Greenwood said: “It is very elegant and traditional but also very modern, practical and easy to use.”

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130786 Gillian Nahum, director of Henley Sales and Charter, Adam Greenwood, founder and designer for English Harbour Yachts, and Julia Steinhardt, promotional sales assistant for Henley Sales and Charter

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