Monday, 20 September 2021

How to sell your humble abode in double quick time

THERE is so much advice floating about on how to sell your house quickly that it’s easy to get confused.

THERE is so much advice floating about on how to sell your house quickly that it’s easy to get confused. Should you decorate, renovate, de-clutter... or do nothing?

Now a leading British kitchen supply company has come up with a formula which it says will help you sell it eight times faster than the average, and for up to £8,000 extra — with an outlay as little as £750.

These are the findings of a leading British kitchen supplier who has helped customers re-invigorate their homes in order to achieve a quick property sale.

According to Kitchen Warehouse UK, an investment of as little as £750 can return up to 10 times the amount, and turn a house that hasn’t sold into one which clients will rush to buy.

The first principle is that buyers are now looking for a house that needs nothing doing to it — the days of buying a “project” to do up have gone.

“House buyers simply won’t touch a property that looks like it needs work,” said director Daniel Beadle. “They want to move somewhere that won’t need the extra expense of renovation.”

Kitchen Warehouse says that the continued fragile state of the housing market means that buyers are able to pick and choose what they want, and it is abundantly clear that houses which require minimum extra work are high priorities.

And top of the list of rooms that attract attention are kitchens and bathrooms.

“We’ve worked with house vendors again and again who’ve been told that their house hasn’t attracted an offer because of shabby-looking kitchens and bathrooms,” said Mr Beadle. “So we went out to find out if this was really the case, asking estate agents and house buyers.”

Their survey came up with the following results:

l45 per cent of prospective buyers won’t make an offer if the kitchen looks like it needs work

l36 per cent won’t make an offer if the bathroom needs a lot of work

l52 per cent won’t buy if both need renovation

“It’s clearly a buyer’s market out there, and it’s up to the vendors to make their properties look more attractive,” said Mr Beadle.

Kitchen Warehouse UK found that the average spend by homeowners looking to improve their chances of a quick sale by renovating their kitchen was £750.

This was often achieved through the use of replacement doors, worktops and plinths to give their kitchen a brand new look at a fraction of the cost.

They also found that homes that would normally take anything from 12 to 16 weeks to sell are attracting offers within two weeks if key rooms have been recently renovated.

“That’s up to eight times faster,” Mr Beadle said. “Sellers were even able to increase their asking prices by up to £8,000 on the basis of the work done.”

With house prices showing their first signs of improvement for years, there’s a scramble by sellers to make their properties stand out from the rest.

“It’s more competitive than ever, and we’re seeing this through our customer base,” said Mr Beadle. “They’re seeing this as a short-term investment that will return huge dividends.”

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