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Open house event has generated over £110 million worth of offers

FOLLOWING the success of previous events, Strutt & Parker is once again holding its popular open house day tomorrow (Saturday)

FOLLOWING the success of previous events, Strutt & Parker is once again holding its popular open house day tomorrow (Saturday) providing buyers with a day to view as many properties as they wish, without specific appointments.

Hundreds of homes up and down the country, from Henley to Harrogate, will be opening their doors, allowing buyers to look at those houses that have caught their eye.

It also provides a great opportunity for sellers who enjoy the event as it can stimulate competition between buyers, and equally all of the preparation for viewings can be co-ordinated into one day.

Year on year Strutt & Parker staff have enjoyed watching the total amount of offers increase. Over the last year, the event has generated more than £110 million worth of offers across the UK.

So how does an open house day work?

Sellers register with their local office by filling in a registration form. They in turn can search for a property taking part and create their own property list. After the event, the estate agents will follow up with everyone who’s viewed each property to get feedback, and hopefully, receive an offer.

Buyers register with their local office and can then search for properties participating in the event, and print out a personal list of the properties they are interested in.

Strutt & Parker will contact potential buyers to let them know of any special arrangements or limited visiting hours applying to their chosen properties.

After the event, they will once again follow up with potential purchasers to find out what they thought of the properties they viewed — and if they are interested in making an offer.

Through the open house procedure, sellers get access to a large and enthusiastic pool of potential buyers with the agents aiming to have each property viewed several times during the day.

Buyers are able to do all their viewings in a single day with no appointment necessary, spending as little or as much time at a property as they require.

Speaking about a previous open house day, James Shaw, partner at Strutt & Parker’s Pangbourne office, said: “Events like these help to create a buzz that really makes a difference and judging by the past, also guarantees results.

“People feel less pressure when viewing a property during open house day and this atmosphere has led to some amazing offers. Open house day helps to bring all the right ingredients together culminating in positive results.”

For buyers who are living increasingly busy lives, the time saved by seeing as many houses as they like, at their convenience, makes a real difference and can often help clarify what exactly it is they are looking for. But open house day is not just useful for buyers sellers also find the day beneficial as it creates advertising and promotional opportunities which draw more attention to their property, not to mention the increase in viewings.

Even more of an incentive is the fact that in previous events the relaxed atmosphere meant buyers have tended to look at properties that they previously had not considered — thinking “why not?” and a number of these have actually gone on to make an offer.

Mr Shaw continued: “We have had some incredible stories of people just being nosy and not seriously considering a house, then going on to make an offer on it after viewing on open house day. If it wasn’t for this great initiative they probably would never have even viewed the house.”

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