Wednesday, 22 September 2021

75% of us prefer to rent agent-managed property

THREE out of four people would prefer to rent a property that is managed by an agent

THREE out of four people would prefer to rent a property that is managed by an agent, according to a recent survey of 521 buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants.

“As a landlord, it’s important to think about what tenants are looking for as well as what works best for you,” comments Peter Fuller, managing director of lettings at Romans estate agents, which has an office here in Henley.

“When choosing a buy-to-let property landlords are very good at focusing on what will attract the right tenants, such as the location, local transport links and amenities, car parking spaces and modern facilities.

“However, any reputable estate agency will encourage clients to look beyond the property and think about the service level and communication tenants are looking for during their tenancy.”

The result of the survey, carried out by Romans, highlights how important service levels are to tenants. With a fully managed service, tenants have one point of contact, feel safe in the knowledge that the property will be fully maintained, and if any disputes with landlord arise they know they won’t have to handle the communication alone.

They also know their deposit it safe because if an estate agent is managing a property on behalf of the landlord, the deposit is bonded in an approved scheme.

Sarah Sanderson, a former tenant, knows only too well the problems that can arise while renting: “I may have been unfortunate but my rental experience was not good, and if I were to rent again I would definitely only rent a property that was fully managed.

“Our landlord moved abroad a few weeks after our tenancy began and communication with him became very hard. A leak and a broken washing machine meant we needed to talk to him urgently, but unfortunately after leaving many voicemails we weren’t responded to until we stopped paying the rent.

“It was really unfortunate because we were very respectful tenants and it should never have got to the situation where we had to stop paying rent to get a problem dealt with.

“If the property had been fully managed we would have simply gone straight to the agency and everything would have been replaced quickly and efficiently.”

Henley has multiple agencies which offers a fully managed service. See for a list of local agents and our ‘Renting Property’ search engine.

Professionals will not only put tenants’ minds at ease but also provide landlords with a hassle-free option, including regular photographic inspections, maintenance arrangements, check in and check out of tenants, annual property appraisals and rent collection.

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