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Preparing for your tenancy checkout

THERE is so much to think about when one moves home

THERE is so much to think about when one moves home and we appreciate the process can be chaotic. To try and help the process along and make it as stress-free as possible, Cara Wrightson of Savills Lettings in the Bell Street branch of the agency, provides a checklist of things tenants should think about before moving out.

Contact the local authority council tax department to let them know of your moving out date and forwarding address.

Contact utility providers to close down your account (make sure they do not disconnect the service, unless specified by the landlord). These will include:

Water and sewage



Telephone and broadband

Media services including Sky or cable TV

TV licence

Key-holders for the alarm

Contact anyone who may hold personal details for you and provide a change of address, including:


Building society

Insurance company

Doctor and dental surgery

DVLA for motor insurance and driving licence


Credit card providers

Magazine subscriptions

Friends and family

It is a good idea to set up a Royal Mail redirection service â?? see www.royalmail.com/personal/ receiving-mail/redirection

Check the inventory and ensure all items are returned to the same place as was noted at time of check-in. This is particularly important if the property was let furnished. If you find there are items missing or any damage in the property, inform your agent or landlord before the check out to see how best to replace/repair the items.

Your contract will require the property to be returned in the same condition in which you took it on, so you may need to arrange for:

windows to be cleaned inside and out

gutters to be cleared

chimneys swept

upholstery, curtains and linen dry cleaned

property to be professionally cleaned, including carpets

the garden to be clean and clear of garden waste

To arrange for the work to be done as close to checkout as possible, you may need to contact contractors up to a month in advance. Receipts for all work should be handed to the inventory clerk at checkout.

Remember to:

De-scale taps

Clean the soap drawer in the washing machine and leave the door open

Remove fluff from the tumble dryer

Defrost fridge/freezer and leave turned off with the door open

Don’t pack the grill handle!

Make relevant arrangements to ensure all your belongings have been removed from the property. This may include booking a removal service or sourcing packing boxes.

Find all keys, label them clearly and ensure they are returned at point of checkout.

Return any gate, garage and alarm fobs as these are often missing and are costly to replace.

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