Tuesday, 28 September 2021

‘I’m sick of waiting for you to finish’ is the number one ‘DIY argument’

NEW research shows the truth of what many of us already suspected — DIY is

NEW research shows the truth of what many of us already suspected — DIY is one or the most argued—about topics for couples.

It is a key source of aggravation among households in the South East, with more than two in five of us (43 per cent) having fights with a loved one about it, according to the research carried out by One Poll online, on behalf of The Co—operative Insurance.

Jobs being left unfinished was the top reason for disagreements among homeowners in the South East, with other quarrels caused by disputes over cost or being sick of waiting for a partner to start a task.

For those who don’t do DIY, not knowing how to do the jobs was the main reason for not attempting the work (33 per cent).

Other reasons included preferring to pay someone to do it for them (18 per cent), or the fact that they had tried to do jobs before and they have always ended in disaster (17 per cent).

Some of the more basic jobs people would pay for included painting (12 per cent), changing a plug (seven per cent) and changing a light bulb (two per cent).

Interestingly, one in 10 said they had already paid for a course to learn a professional skill to save money on DIY (11 per cent), with the younger generation (those aged 18 to 24) most likely to have done this (44 per cent).

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1) Because they got sick of waiting for their partner to do the DIY

2) Because their loved one started a job and didn’t finish

3) Disagreement over cost

4) Because the job ended up in disaster

5) Disagreement over how the job should be done

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