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Top innovations - the internet of everything

THERE are five top innovations that are said to be making it into our homes over

THERE are five top innovations that are said to be making it into our homes over the next 15 years so say technology companies,

writes Lucy Boon.

Internet-enabled everything

Eventually, every single electronics device in your home will be connected to the internet.

Think ovens you can turn on remotely and doorbells which alert you when they are being rung. Will you get excited when your phone “rings” on a beach in Thailand as Hermes tries to deliver your Amazon package back home?

Likewise, the editor of

PC Pro
, Tim Danton thinks that smartphones will advance to the point of becoming your own personal assistant. He said: “You’ll be able to check how much milk you have in the fridge whilst you’re at the supermarket and be updated on who’s in the house and what they’re doing.”

Your personal stylist on the wall

A smart mirror, which is a screen with an integrated computer, features a virtual wardrobe function so users can try different garments on a model of themselves before getting dressed. The magic mirror can even make polite outfit suggestions.

Bathroom scales that are actually helpful

There are so many apps around to aid your health and fitness but the next development is said to improve those humble bathroom scales.

Some experts imagine they would be integrated into a sensor pad in the floor and connected to the shower curtain, which could become an interactive screen and provide you with a detailed assessment of your vital statistics.

This could also include suggestions to help you during the day such as the number of calories that you should include in your diet.

Star Trek


Yes, seriously. Self-cleaning fabrics, truly waterproof materials and personal climate control are all currently being developed. Could this be the end of the bottomless wash basket?

Keeping up with the news

Some developers are predicting a future where we wash our hair while checking what’s making the latest headlines.

Using flexible display technology, your boring old shower curtain could double up as a screen.

The only problem with this could be that you turn into a prune after being in the shower for too long because you are getting too carried away checking your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

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